By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

McMinnville teachers, district reach agreement

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Well that is good. Maybe no more kids will kill themselves. The teachers are not and have never put the kids first. Why work when you can get paid not to. I wish we had more charter schools where kids would really get an education.


I agree with driver 5150 and would add the data from all over the country suggests the never should have shut down.


Would love to see some factual backup for your sweeping opinions.....teachers that I have known continually go above and beyond to support their kids.......personally paying for classroom supplies, giving substantial personal time for extra curricular activities, and working 60 plus hours per week to be prepared for their students......My hunch is you don’t know or haven’t talked to anyone in the profession about what they actually do....


I agree with you Tagup that most teachers are going above and beyond to connect with the students and teach them online. I hope that Oregon changes the 6 ft requirements so that we can send the kids back to school, where they desperately need to be.

Don Dix

Extracurricular activity is seldom volunteer -- lump sum for coaching a sport, club, etc., or supplemental payment by the hour.

And at this point, it appears the OEA isn't in any hurry to get the teachers back in the classroom -- otherwise, what was the rush to get teachers vaccinated ahead of thousands of 'at risk' citizens.


They are many more extra curricular activities other than sports.....

Don Dix

Yes, tagup. Such as Drama Club, Twilighters, Marching Band, Science Club, Math Club, etc. In most cases those 'advisory' positions are paid extra, just as sports. Taking tickets and monitoring at events has always been paid by the hour (usually a set time frame).

Credit to teachers for what they do for students on their own, and thanx -- so do many others in society, but somehow those similar efforts efforts don't rate as high on the worship scale.


Don- The original post stated that teachers “have never put the kids first”. The teachers aren’t looking to be observation and post was in response to that statement which I believe is inaccurate.
I might add that while you are correct that many of the H S clubs you mentioned have paid advisers...there are also many more district teachers in grade and middle schools that take part in student activities on their own dime.


I guess I should not mention that every time I have run into a teacher or get a call from one the schools in the area they always have their hand out or ask for money. They buy stuff with their own money and then write it off. I was most likely following the political science. They need vaccine first in front of store workers, police, fast food servers and truck drivers who have all kept working. I see a lack of integrity here.


FYI, the maximum deduction for unreimbursed educator expenses is $250....doesn’t go far in the real world.


Maybe they can donate that $250.00 toward the funerals of the kids that killed themselves. Maybe mental health care for the kids that are are doing poorly. They have not had to buy anything this year.