By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

McMinnville police targeting speeding

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McDonald Street by the high school is very bad.


Wallace to Baker Creek Rd on Hill please!!
Big citation money after 10pm.

Bill B

and Wallace from Michelbook to Hill Rd. before and after school. Have to say I drive around Mac quite a bit and I rarely see someone pulled over for an infraction. Apparently it's not a priority without special funding.


Redmond Hill Road is something of a raceway at times too. Especially the straight stretch between Mt. Adams and Hill Road.


Please target people running red lights! Several a day all over the place. Yellow is the same as green nowadays. And red seems to be optional.

Bill B

Not only red lights (Chief you might want to look out your window to see the frequent running of red lights at second and Ash and Baker), but how about stop signs. They are treated as suggestions by half the drivers out there. All ages too!

Bill B

Sorry, I meant Second and Adams


Thank you. This morning at 6am along 27th street a car came barreling down the road at over 40mph- probably over 50mph. At 6pm every day we get cars without mufflers racing down the same street.


make sure you get the ones stopping at yield signs at open roundabouts!! or driving 25 in 40 zones!!


So happy to hear that the police will do something. Since the widening of Old Sheridan and SW Cypress we have a race track here. And at the weekends during day and nights it’s even increasing mostly without mufflers.


Let’s hope this effort is more effective than the 4th of July “crackdown“ on fireworks.

Bill B

Or the "Crack down" on the RV squatters. Marsh Lane and Dustin Ct. are in a sad state. Do these vehicles have current tags?

Bill B

By the way, saw another red light runner through the light at Adams and Second at 8:30 this AM

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