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McMinnville Planning Commission plans for year, sets priority list

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So glad to hear that they are laser focused on finding solutions to our endless bumper to bumper traffic congestion. Thank you!! The new roads you are planning to build around town will be awesome!


If there is such a need/desire for Third Street housing, why were virtually all of the current apartments transferred over to vacation rentals? The Taylor Hardware Building renovation eliminated several occupied apartments in favor of vacation rentals. Other individual apartments were previously converted into the Third Street Flats vacation rentals. This appears to be yet another case of making decisions without considering all the impacts of those decisions.


Well, PAO, you are forgetting the Siren song of the "well-heeled," as they've been called. Apparently fleecing visitors remains a priority.

David S. Wall

I believe a building and or sewer-hook-up moratorium is in the best interests of McMinnville.

Here are some reasons why.

In Fiscal Year 2018-2019 how many "rate increases" were hoisted upon property owners and renters?

System Development Charges do not pay for the development's infrastructure costs, operating and maintenance costs permitted by the Planning Department.

For example, Sewer Service and Use Charges are subsidized by existing property owners and renters. The "rate-increases" to additional sectors of infrastructure also continue to rise.

Below are two passages from the News Register article that should concern everyone.

"The principles were created following a public survey in late 2018. The 330 or so people who provided input generally agreed that great neighborhoods are, among other things..."

A "public survey in 2018" where only "330 or so people (the exact number is not given)" participated. What is the population of McMinnville?

Within the "330 or so people...who provided input...generally agreed...among other things..." this statement is vague and ambiguous.

Cogent planning doesn't rely on such nebulous statements.

"Richards told commissioners. Staff has been working with a consultant..." a clear siren's call to contract-out this department.

McMinnville has an alleged $1.4Million dollar deficit. Where are the solutions to manage the crisis?

A building and sewer hook-up moratorium coupled with; downsizing, consolidating and contracting out specific Planning Department, Economic Development functions will begin to stabilize rate increases and help with the budget deficit.

David S. Wall


PAO I think if you review the materials submitted for the projects you mention you'll find that the residential uses you mention were in a fully or nearly depreciated state, lacking at least some basic requirements for occupant safety. Economic analysis of the subject property including cost analysis for seismic/fire/and related occupant safety requirements produced long term monthly rent estimates well above the market. That analysis forced the developers to consider alternative uses, like short term rental. It's entirely possible, and even likely, that the MAC theater building would be no different.


Treehouse, you may be absolutely correct. If you are, the implication is that vacationers are expendable, since they don't require the same level of safety measures as local renters. That's a very interesting concept. If the vacationers aren't expendable, I have to assume that they can be charged enough for rent to make up for full-time occupancy compared to part time occupancy. I believe the term is "gouging." Of course, since they are tourists rather than residents, who cares? And if the economics of Third Street are as you present them, we shouldn't waste any time or resources even considering city center housing. It's nice to be able to streamline the workload. Thanks!

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