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McMinnville man arrested in gun incident

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As of right now, there are a whopping 61 people in jail. On a normal day it ranges from 150-200+ Won't be surprised to see crime go UP


Why can't the jail do isolation for two weeks for any incoming prisoner? If the current inmates are all virus free after two weeks, then adding more with isolation should be a safe move.

Families are all sharing the same space, why can't prisoners?


BC- How do you know their virus free?.....There is basically no testing going on in this county or across the nation.....
If people want the security to resume normal life testing is the solution......
If this is a war..we need the tools to win......our President hasn’t heard about the problem....??...really?


tagup - If I sit at home under quarantine for two weeks, coming in physical contact with no other human being, the CDC considers me free of the virus. Why would it be any different for a prisoner? So the current inmates stay put in their individual cells for two weeks (three if you'd like to be extra cautious). If nobody is sick at that point, then double them up and use their cells for incoming prisoners, also for isolation for two or three weeks. What am I missing?

Following CDC guidelines is good enough for the general population of the US, it should also be good enough for jail populations. Turning a felon loose who just discharged a gun while high on meth in no way sounds safe to me.

I absolutely agree with you about the testing though - until every person has access to a test, we're not going to get a handle on this any time soon.

I also believe that turning every.single.conversation to who did what wrong and when, fixes nothing and constantly stirs up anger, whether at the supposed wrong-doer, or the reader who disagrees.

Who would have thought the hippies had it right all along.....peace love and understanding.

Be well.


BC...I absolutely agree that turning a meth using felon onto the streets is not acceptable.

I’m my mind, the CDC guidelines are fine, but not based on data.

Blame is irrelevant, we need action. The President said this is a war, yet the state and local leadership is doing all the work. The military specilizes in logistics....yet we can’t get PPE, ventalators or manpower where needed.....
Put equipment on military transports and move it to where it’s needed....That’s what they do!

There is currently a massive failure at the federal level from my perspective.....the President is supposed to be in charge. Are we supposed to be quiet and pretend this situation is ok?...
Yamhill county has done 360 tests in total....that’s like 12 a day.....that also is not acceptable and way more people are in danger from a lack of testing, PPE, and medical equipment than from cutting one felon loose.


BC- If my post came across as snarky, I apologize.....

You be well also....


tagup - Written comments are always tough to gauge, but my snark-o-meter didn't rise. :)

Bill B

Ah Tagup, the perennial Trump basher! "Yamhill county has done 360 tests in total....that’s like 12 a day.....that also is not acceptable and way more people are in danger from a lack of testing, PPE, and medical equipment than from cutting one felon loose."

Based on what? As far as I know testing is done only recommended for those with symptoms. Are you privy to information that the rest of us don't have?


Tests are given to those with symptoms because there aren’t enough tests available. AND...There are only a handful of labs reading tests and they have a massive backlog. Thats information that is easily available..
What happened to “ anyone that wants a test can get one”...?

..I’m not a perennial trump basher....I but doesn’t the buck stop with him?


Amen tagup!


"....what happened.....?" A rhetorical question no doubt. As with all information one must consider the source. (Now more than ever.)

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