By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

McMinnville assault victim said to be improving

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Bill B

Wow! So last week Captain Symons said; "said Thursday he has no information to release regarding whether or not it’s believed the general public is at risk."

Now he says; "“We have no suspect information to provide in the case and we are actively working towards attempting to identify the suspect(s),”"..

Sure seems to me that an unknown suspect represents a threat to the public, don't you think?


Maybe they could ask the assault victim what he (they)looked like. I think the topic is covered in police school.

Bill B

That may be the issue. The original article mentioned a head/brain injury, so she may not have talked to MPD yet or even know who did it. I can tell you Facebook is lit up with concerns about safety. Take note MPD.


It may be a minor point, but the statement said no info TO RELEASE and no suspect info TO PROVIDE......not sure that means that the suspect is unknown.....It's possible they don't want to give out to much detail and spook the suspect into fleeing the area....

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