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Massive opposition fails to derail pot processing

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David S. Wall

"The Yamhill County Planning Commission and especially, the Yamhill County Planning Department's Administration" are in need of; serious, no-nonsense, old-timey "Regime Change."

The aggrieved should contemplate hiring a competent Attorney with litigation experience in Federal District Court.

The "Appeals process" with the Board of Commissioners is needed to exhaust "Administrative remedy" before heading down to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). (Don't go to LUBA without a competent Attorney specializing in Land Use Law.)

Below is some "light" reading that may assist the aggrieved in the "Appeals process."

Cannabis regulations:

Authority to require finger prints: [475B.271 and 475B.291]-must refer to [ORS 181A.195]

View [ORS 181A.195] here:

If the aforementioned matter is to be appealed, does the statement below constitute an "Ex Parte Communication?"

"After the commission voted, most of the opponents left. But Cochran stayed, while commissioners spent several minutes talking over the application."

Then consider following the redoubtable advice from an age-old saying,

"Things have got to change. But first, you've gotta get mad!...You've got to say, I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"

You could file candidate papers with the County Clerk for Position #2 on the BOC, the Primary is just a few months away in 2020.

David S. Wall

sent to me by Dr. Brandstetter, posted with permission:"I tried to submit a response to the newspaper article, but the web site is sending me around in circles when I try to pay. include my name so it's clear that it's not directly from you.Erich Brandstetter: The county approved an illegal land use. Processing of marijuana is prohibited on Exclusive Farm Use land. This property is Exclusive Farm Use. When I emailed Yamhill County staff regarding this, their reply was, 'The deadline for comments from the opponents has passed.' This prohibition was confirmed by Angela Carnahan, Willamette Valley Regional Representative, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. The 150-day deadline starts when the application is 'deemed complete.' The applicant did not sign the application until 11/23/2019. That puts the 150-day deadline at 4/20/2020. The county does have the power to deny. Marion county recently denied a similar application. County code 1301 says, 'the application shall be approved or denied' and 'If an application is denied' Conditions are very nearly impossible to enforce. If a condition is violated, they have 60 days in which to correct the violation. there is no consequence for repeated violations. The operator is not held to items that were the basis of the approval (such as number of workers, number of water trucks, number of deliveries). After all the members of the public left, commissioners commented that we were complaining about the buildings. The complaints are not that there are buildings. The complaint is that the new construction and remodels were done without permits or inspections. Commissioners commented, 'Have you ever seen a stack of protest letters like that was?' 'No 13 years on this committee and I've never seen that before, ever.' More than 100 people submitted protest letters totaling more than 700 pages."


Good call from the commissioners.

Thank you for using common sense, despite the background noise.

Christmas has Talons

It's not like they can say no Hell one of the commissioners is a pot grower. The rules have to be the same for everyone like it or not.
I wouldn't want that crap going down where I live either my heart goes out to those who don't want it. I personally hope they find a way around this ruling to stop it but I won't hold my breath.

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