By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Masking issue fuels Amity rally

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David Bates

It is alarming to see someone claiming to have a "medical background" declare that masks do not protect against virus transmission when the actual evidence overwhelmingly, OVERWHELMINGLY, shows that it does -- for all ages, in all countries.


I feel so bad for the poor children of these lunatic parents.


David, cite three pieces.

David Bates

Rotwang, you will find a list of nearly 50 peer-reviewed studies here with links to most of them. Most were for adults, but some looked at children:

Also, read this article: "We Studied One Million Students. This Is What We Learned About Masking."

Finally, consider the counsel of every (responsible) parent: "Cover your mouth when you cough."


No "like" button here; so, I like it!

Joel R

Thanks for this thoughtful and fair article, Paul. It really made me stop and try to put myself in the shoe's of these parents. I still don't agree with them, but I now have much more respect for them and their viewpoint. In the end we are all so human and have one big thing in common, we are trying to do what we think is best for our kids.


Its a shame to see their beautiful smiles all covered up! Let these little images of God shine forth! Regarding guests, the new Oregon OSHA rule recommends, not mandates, that guests wear masks, but mandates that employees wear masks. This I'm sure was influenced by a 14-month old case Oregon Appallete court case that was dismissed a few days ago. So store-shops no longer refuse service to mask-less people. If would have been nice if the Governor had explained this "recommendation only" part better.


We all have to stand together. Network as much as you can about this. We are getting steam-rolled.


It’s also a shame to see people intubated in overflowing ICU’s, many of which don’t survive.....700k deaths in the US...
wear a mask, protect your fellow citizens....


Better yet, put a bag over your head. The woodpeckers are out there.