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David S. Wall

The News Register should consider adding more such articles of creation and conservation. I sincerely thank-you for this well done article.

I am still dumbfounded why this article was first posted and then quickly pulled after a couple of days, only to reappear again after several days and then located way down the list of other articles destined for another early extinction.

I wonder if the accomplishments of Ms. Gunn made Yamhill's Mayor and City Council look a little foolish by their official edicts, threatening gardeners with citations and or other legal torments; who conserve water and still produce food and lovely gardens during a severe drought. I wonder if Ms. Gunn received any punishment for her lovely garden? I sure hope not.

I am not surprised as to the pathetic and predictable lackluster response to the drought by the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners.

One would think the BOC could have directed a couple of water trucks to pay the residents of Yamhill a visit to save their valuable landscaping and garden plants.

But, Commissioners Kulla and Starrett voted to 'permit' a Marijuana grow operation and potentially explosive Butane / Ethanol chemical refinery on Chehalem Mountain, threatening lives with foreseeable deaths from wildfires and the current drying up of residential water wells, located at 18505 NE Jaquith Road, Newberg [Docket No.: (SDR-28-19)].

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Thank-you Ms. Pointer and Ms. Gunn for, "Making Every Drop Count."

David S. Wall