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Mac reallocating ARPA funds to help shelter construction

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What happened to the Mission?


The Gospel Rescue Mission is very particular about who gets in the door. A man who was living on the street told me he was very uncomfortable with how he was treated there and would rather sleep outside. That was in winter during a cold spell. The Navigation Center is more than a place to crash, it will help people get jobs, counseling, medical care
and permanent housing.


The mission requires you to be sober. You cannot show up drunk or high.

The city is learning what the common people have to deal with. Living within their means. Families in town and throughout the county are dealing with inflation, soaring interest rates and supply chain self destruction. These issues put peoples plans on hold for the foreseeable future. Maybe the city could follow suit.

And don't blame the commissioners for not playing the games of Tina Kotek. Kotek has spent the last 10 years as SOTH in Salem passing laws and spending money on programs that has ballooned our homeless problems. She comes to town with cash like a drunken sailor saying trust me, it will work this time. Show her the door. And we are counting on money from the state to keep rolling in. "we anticipate these amounts will continue or increase over the next biennium.”

It is interesting how much money the city can come up with when they are working on pet projects. None of this money existed when we had a $2 million budget shortfall. You remember the permanent fee/tax we are paying for their short term budget fubar.


This will be a complete waste of money and as example don't forget the former "Champion Team" located at 1215 NE Adams. It became a homeless mess with jars of urine, syringes, and sleeping pods in the street.

From a News-Register story located at the link below: "Champion Team — a McMinnville nonprofit that provides services to people with mental health issues, homelessness and drug addiction — is asking the community for some help itself." This was right before they failed.


Because the Rescue Mission expects accountability....Who wants that? Being sober and trying to better your situation, no thanks. An enabling handout at the expense of others is a far more appealing alternative. Thanks Remy!

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