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Mac man a 'lucky, lucky' American

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Finally a story worth reading. God bless America land that I love. Glad my family was able to come here and even with brown skin make an excellent life.


Pedro. I agree with you. America has been a place of opportunity. Although my family came from Europe, we have brown skin, and we have been luckier that most folks with brown skin. I'm glad you are also one of the lucky ones.


The funny thing about that hypothesis is that ethnicities with white skin are number three in average income rankings in America. I don't care what race/ethnicity or anything else anyone is, we are all are lucky to live in the land of opportunity. I went to graduate school with far too many recent immigrants from places like India to think otherwise.

Rank Group Median household income (2016 US$)
1 South Asian (incl. Indian and Pakistani Americans) 131,746[1]
2 East Asian 85,349[1]
3 White (non-Indian, non-Hispanic, non-Middle Eastern) 67,865[1]
4 Middle Eastern 56,331[1]
5 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 50,987[1]
6 Hispanic or Latino 46,882[1]
7 Native Americans and Alaska Native 39,719[1]
8 Black or African American 30,557[1]

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