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Mac High touts high grad rates

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Statistics are great but are our students ready to carry on with their lives after they graduate? I’d like to know the success rate ten years after they graduate. I have faith that the new principle will help get students on tract and they won’t just be a statistic for the superintendent and school board to pat themselves on the back to the media.


Jim. You want one of the yearlong tracking studies that sociologist love, you know, those folks who love statistics. The pathways approach is keeping kids in school and learning, which should result in them doing much better in their life then if they dropped out.


msantone reality is most of the pathway programs aren’t set up for what is needed in today’s job market. We need truck drivers, auto mechanics,diesel mechanics,framers, concrete finishers, farmers and the list goes on. We’re way long on firefighters, computer programmers and chefs. I agree graduation is way better than dropping out but being prepared for a job or college is a must also. It ain’t happening on a regular basis in this district.

Christmas has Talons

Schools will graduate anyone these days it always been bad but worse than ever now. A foster daughter graduated and can hardly read or write and can't spell at all. It's embarrassing and has degraded our hiring pool but don't worry the schools are still getting their coin.

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