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Mac High student hit, injured while riding bicycle

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The boy should get a citation for running a read light.


red light


I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. I had three kids run a red light on 5th and Evans. Fortunately, I saw them and didn’t go through my green light until they cleared the intersection.


They were on bikes and completely oblivious to what was around them


Given the video confirmation of the facts... how is a citation not warranted?....

Joel R

I think they meant a citation for Mrs Oliveira wasn't warranted. Maybe they will cite the bike rider after he recovers.


This is a terrible situation all the way around. Unfortunately, if we can't get police to ticket or stop bad drivers why should we expect them to ticket a child who ran the red light. How many people have we all seen run don't walk signs on their bikes or skate boards?


I’m all for giving law enforcement some discretion when handing out citations especially when the facts are unclear. That’s (apparently) not the case here with video evidence. And what about Ms Olivera?....who does she go to for being completely in the right?
I’m sorry for the bikers injuries and I hope he’s ok....but that shouldn’t absolve him of responsibility and law enforcement shouldn’t make that call.


For heaven’s sake, folks, let's not all he Armchair Judges! Have a little decency to at least fake caring if the KID lives or dies. Citations are the least of concern right now. That was a hard impact; he might have a serious long-term brain injury, in which case a citation - for the purpose of punishing him to deter a repeat - is irrelevant.


As I stated, I hope he’s point was the apparently inconsistent application of the law by police.

Bill B

Agree. Bicyclists, for the most part, seem to think they are above the law here. Running stop signs, red lights and biking on the wrong side of the street. And it's only going to get worse with the influx of electric bikes.

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