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Mac Fourth of July event draws thousands

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Seems like whoever wrote this article didn't actually attend the event. "the sky show was paused when a minor fire occurred in the field where the fireworks were being ignited" is not an accurate statement, on several levels.

I'd like to know why attendees were turned away and told the parking lot was full, and they needed to ride the buses from PMC (and pay $5 to park there), yet upon arriving via bus we could clearly see the parking lot was less than half full. We waited over 45 minutes just to GET ON a bus leaving the event. Our kids were tired, and sitting on a curb in the parking lot when the landscaping sprinklers went off. In past years when parking at the event our kids at least got to sleep in the car as we waited over an hour to exit. Could have driven home from St. Paul fireworks and been in our beds in less time than it took to get on a school bus at Evergreen. Very poor planning and management of the parking. I think next year we'll go elsewhere.

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