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‘Very difficult decision’: Mac Parks & Rec facilities closed

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Joel R

Give me a break. Gotta love government funded programs and their desire to close down so they can sit at home and collect a paycheck. Ever wonder why Safeway and Walmart haven't closed during all of this?
I say keep 'em open. If you're at risk of Covid then mask up and get triple vaxed and let the chips fall where they fall. The damage done to people's mental health by closing recreational facilities far outweighs any damage that would come from staying open.

Joel R

This quote from teh article tells you all you need to know:
"While the city aquatic center is closed, McMinnville High School swimmers will continue their meets at other facilities, according to Ryan McIrvin, athletic director."


If the public is strongly encouraged not to use the public library building, why not close it and give that staff the same benefit of a two-week break? But even though it's "difficult" to identify changing safety protocols, the library is to remain open. So maybe the recreational facilities need to learn how to manage from the library?


Actually, the recreational facilities have been managing safety protocols just fine. At least for the pool, there haven't been COVID outbreaks. That makes the closure all the more hard to accept.