By Starla Pointer and Nicole Montesano • Of the News-Register • 

‘Everyone is very nervous’ as officials prepare for wildfire season

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David S. Wall

Many Thanks to Chief Lucich for his service and to Ms. Pointer for a great, timely article!

Check-out the height of the vegetation behind the picture of Chief Lucich. Have the surrounding trees been "limbed-up" to prevent fire from being able to reach the canopies?

Here is one for the record books...

**Commissioner Starrett and Kulla "voted" to permit a "Marijuana Processing facility" which uses highly flammable and explosive Ethanol and Butane in their product extractions.

The facility is located at [18505 Jaquith Road, Newberg]. This area is located on Chehalem Mountain where there is "No" water to extinguish wildfires. Fire Department Tankers and Engine Companies cannot navigate the narrow, winding roads.

The marijuana extraction process has a proven history of being very explosive and highly flammable!


*Commissioner Starrett is now trying to ingratiate herself with the "voters" on Chehalem Mountain by getting Representative Post to sponsor [HB 3239 (2020)].

My Testimony on [HB 3239 (2020)] is here:

*Commissioner Kulla has embroiled himself in a "do-nothing but, Bullsh*t everyone committee" on the Chehalem Mountain issues.

Let us not forget...The Yamhelas-Westsider Yamhill County property continues to plague the taxpayers.

Vegetation control along the Yamhelas-Westsider Yamhill County property was foreseeable from the date the Board of Commissioners bought this ill-advised (by me [2016]) parcel of land.

The "burning question" is...Has Yamhill County, since the date of purchase of the Yamhelas-Westsider property, controlled the vegetation making the County property "Fire-safe?"

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Now to Fireworks-this is just great.

In my neck of the woods, some of my rural neighbors think it is all so grand as to ignite "military-grade fireworks," rocketing 100-300 estimated feet into the air and then light-up the sky with spectacular explosions and ancillary sub-explosions.

These patriotic yahoos, could care-less about setting wildfires and repeat their reckless behavior every year without the slightest fear getting caught and brought to justice. (To be fair, to my knowledge; "No" wildfire(s) have been a result of their patriotic showmanship.)

By the way, these same patriots celebrate New Year with just as big of a show as the 4th of July. I'm so blessed.

But, no-one, at least in my immediate neighborhood, can eclipse the Fire-work show of "someone" on Parrett Mountain.

This person and or persons has what appears to be a never ending supply of the military-grade stuff.

Earlier this year, the explosions were so frequent and ongoing, I thought the ammunition bunker exploded.

I know the Indians get to do what they want to on their lands and selling fireworks is an easy way to make some fast cash. Good for them.

The State of Washington is probably the biggest culprit in the sale of fireworks-especially, the "military-grade stuff," so some of my friends say.

And get this...the entire western side of the USA has suffered severe drought for several years.

I'm thinking of putting a sprinkler system on my roof.

I'll design it to catch the water so I can use the water on what's left of my small cherry trees-the damned Deer chomped them without mercy last night.

David S. Wall