By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Local school districts join E-cigarette lawsuit

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C Trunde

I’m not a smoker, not a vaper. I’ll believe money from litigation will go to prevention and nothing else. … not! Baloney.


Where is the damages to the districts? Lost time from administration dealing with disciplinary issues related to vaping? Did they hire an extra admin person for this work load? I'm not denying that vaping is a serious issue. The district sites the long term health damage to the students, which I agree, so I assume any settlements will be divided amongst the students they have caught vaping and not dumbed into district general funds for discretionary spending?

This is nothing but a money grab. The districts are looking in the rear view mirror at the settlements from the tobacco lawsuits that were going to pay for 'damages' caused by smoking and provide treatment to stop smoking. How was that money spent? Billions of dollars, nothing more than civil court Powerball.

Sounds like the superintendent in Amity has some self respect and wants his district keep theirs. Good for him and good for Amity.

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