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Linfield trustees back Baca; Student petition demands he step down

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I, for one, would like to take this opportunity to thank the 28 faculty members who stood up, probably in the face of coercive tactics, to express their lack of confidence in Baca, who has demonstrated, in fact, the antithesis of character and zero leadership, but perhaps a passion exclusively focused on the financial bottom line. As far as Dr. Davis is concerned, his "I feel your pain" speech meant jack. Was he implying after 30 or 35 years, these students might come to terms with some rheumy-eyed, drunken old lecher pawing and slobbering on them? And for parents considering Linfield for their children--imagine your daughters covered in tire tracks, because that's how they'll appear after the administration and trustees throw them under the bus. Can this college sink any lower?


The Board's affirming of Baca illustrates how out of touch they really are. And given the current atmosphere and their wanting to adopt the moniker of "University", you would of thought that they would want to protect their students going forward, but the obvious "white privilege" factor negates a need for progressive thought and direction. Time to come out of the days of "good old boys" to responsible education that promotes justice and equality.


As a faculty member who supports the need for Baca to step down (and have signed onto 3 letters/petitions, the most recent being the student petition discussed in this article) I want to encourage future reporting on student activism to NOT diminish or silence their voices. I have been heartened to see student leaders calling for change in a range of ways: initiating and circulating the petition, taking to social media to encourage direct emails to the BOT (and for survivors to share their stories) and student journalists doing an outstanding job of reporting the issue for the Linfield Review.

You reported that "some faculty members are “guiding the students” in an effort to oust Baca from the board" and indicated that the person starting the petitioner, "claims to be a Linfield student". Faculty and staff have been consistently ignored in our efforts to stand up for students. Given the nature of the issue and the fact that students are the ones directly impacted all of us should be following THEIR lead and asking how we can amplify their voices. They are strong and they are loudly saying "time is up!"


They pledged to "listen better and hear more"? Is this elementary school? What a joke! The insulting outcome of their flagrant support for Baca--and, by extension, the repulsive Jubb--was the board crossing the Rubicon, a disgraceful decision that will never disappear.

A New Generation

Lulu, totally agree.
(In your first post, I believe it's a typo in thanking the '28' (should be 88?) faculty members calling for Baca to resign?

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