By Dora Totoian • Of The News-Register • 

Linfield professor alleges antisemitism; Board of Rabbis calls for resignations

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Look....don't be racist...and don't sexually assault women. Seems like a simple thing to ask from your school.


Davis/Baca are impeding the mission of Linfield University and are an embarrassment. Both should resign immediately before financial support disappears and what was once a Christian liberal arts college becomes nothing more than a distant memory. The "foxes" have ruled the henhouse for far too long....


Linfield's roots are in the Babtist church, and not in the generic "Christian" faith. All of the fundraising they have done for decades calls out that fact with great force.


Oregonian: I have never heard of a Baptist Liberal Arts College so the distinction you are trying to make is tantamount to splitting hairs. Having been raised in the Baptist tradition, I cannot help but believe that it is Christian, generic or not. Either way, Davis/Baca still need to go.

Don Dix

Aug 23, 2019, Money Magazine this month released its rankings for the 2019 “Best Colleges for Your Money,” and for the second straight year Linfield earned the No. 1 spot among liberal arts colleges in Oregon.

Hibb is correct -- Davis/Baca must go -- on their own or otherwise.

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