By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

Linfield President Miles K. Davis announces resignation

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His tumultuous leadership won't be missed.


I am not sorry to see him leave.


Linfield President Miles Davis out.
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler out.
Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt soon to lose recently announced reelection campaign.
All three currently serving Yamhill County commissioners soon to be out.
Oregon (resident of Manhattan) Senator Wyden soon to be out.
JW Millegan in prison.

Change is good.


I wish the NR had added a paragraph explaining the problems and controversy that have plagued his leadership at Linfield. To share a glowing statement from the board chair without a statement from faculty or students feels misleading. His leadership will NOT be missed.


Thank you, DG. You are right that the story was one-sided. No mention of the $1 million legal settlement to a now-former professor was a huge cost in Davis's presidency. A good, balanced report was from Tiffany Camhi of OPB:

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