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Linfield offers pet-friendly dorm

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I'd hate to confine a cat or dog to a typical dorm room, but that's just me.


The pets should also be microchipped with current owner contact information.


I think a pet confined to a dorm room would be damaged physically and psychologically. A dumb idea.


I think this is a very bad idea....mostly for the welfare of the animal. If students miss their pets back be it. In the course of one's life it is often necessary to feel the pain of separation and loneliness. Must we coddle everyone and give to their every whim? What happened to grin and bear it...this too shall pain, no gain....stiff upper lip? It seems that we are all bound and determined to shield our kids from struggle or the slightest amount of pain....and, when we do, they pay the price. They become cream puffs who can't handle the simplest setbacks in life's journey. jmo


I used to donate food and money to the pound on Lafayette and have taken dogs in retrieved off the highway or lost to help locate owners. The ladies working there used to say that it was hard at the end of the school year when many college students turned their pets in because they couldn't keep them. That is unfair and damaging to the pets.

On this one I totally agree with you Mudstump.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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