By Jodie DeJonge • Managing Editor • 

Linfield: No violations found in trustee investigation that targeted president

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He said... She said... They said... Deny. Deny. Deny. Doesn't all of this sound like a play out of the good old boys handbook? That would fit given the backwater nature of this whole affair. Maybe they are telling the truth and there really is nothing to all of this, but the way in which they (the Linfield Board of Trustees) have handled themselves and presented their side of the issues at hand has not led to their being considered credible in my opinion.

"An independent, months long investigation of allegations" made me laugh. Independent or not, apart from a real criminal investigation we will probably never be 100% sure about this and even then there will be doubters, accusers, defenders, and the rest of us looking on....

Linfield has more than a mere PR problem right now. Given the political/social climate right now, Linfield must quit playing "chicken" and really solve this issue in such a way that the Board, the student body and faculty will find acceptable before all of "Linfield's little chicks" end up reapplying at another school like George Fox. It would be interesting to see the enrollment numbers for the Fall Term and whether or not some have already left for safer pastures. I would not blame them for doing so.

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