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Life beyond bars

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David S. Wall

This program should be real popular with adjacent neighborhoods and Downtown businesses.

"Hey there! All Oregon Prisons, send us your convicts, err,..."neighbors"... to Newberg.

Newberg City Council is awash with cash. "Free" housing is everywhere, food is also free. We even give free violin lessons. You don't have to play Beethoven, Hell, we will teach you to play some real "Foot-stompin, knee slappin' down home Bluegrass fiddling" so you can earn your own money so you don't have to steal it.

The faith-based Non-profits are metastasizing to violin music now, just wait until they play a lively "save-the world tune" to "Give-away Starrett." It's a sure bet they'll get Yamhill County funding even with hitting a sour note or two.

I almost forgot, "Give-away Starrett" also likes to give away foreclosed properties, to Non-profit and or Public Benefit Corporations (who can then "flip" the properties at market rate).

Yeehaw...I love Newberg or is it "Love Inc." Newberg? Not to worry-as long as there is "Love" somewhere in the Non-profit or Public Benefit Corporation (or whatever else they call themselves) everything, and mean everything will be just fine.

Yes siree Bob, Newberg is the place to be.

I wonder if "Visit Newberg" will include "Remnant Initiative" on the itinerary of places to visit?

I wonder if "Remnant Initiative" can qualify for a Transient Lodging Tax handout?

Hold onto your wallets...neighbors!

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

I told you so.

It didn't take long for yet another Non-profit Corporation to, "Lock on to the Public's teat."

Below, and taken verbatim from the Yamhill County Board of Commissioner's Informational Work Agenda for December 3, 2019:

"F. OTHER BUSINESS (Add-ons and non-consent items): 1. Consideration of an agreement between the Yamhill County Department of Community Justice and Remnant Initiatives for the purpose of transitional services in the amount of $12,000 per fiscal year, effective July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021."

Was there any "Public Bidding" from any other "Non-profit Corporation" for this work or is it the same old tune of "who you know?"

The "Non-profit Corporation" is the new corporate well-fare act.

Who is going to monitor and or audit "Remnant Initiative?"

I guess , I should form a Non-profit and or Public Benefit Corporation" so I could get a "piece of this action."

Or, better yet, maybe I should run for office with the express intent to rid Yamhill County taxpayers from having to pay for the institutionalize Non-profit and or Public Benefit Corporations from access to public funding of support their mind-diddling program(s).

David S. Wall

Christmas has Talons

I work in the recovery field which also encompasses "Peer and Family Support" and can definitely see the system I had previously thought of as a pretty good system through a more realistic lens. I am certainly no bleeding heart but Hansen has a point. I have worked with people who are so secluded at home and in their upbringing from basic social norms not to mention more complicated social structures and expectations that eventually they are at risk to end up incarcerated. Then of course the cycle goes on. I hope the County Commissioner's get on board with this project maybe some of those I work with will access those mentors and examples and truly get a fresh start.
Those willing to work through the guidelines of these programs are going to need all the strength and courage,mentors and examples they can access because of bigots like David S. Wall are always on the sidelines waiting to tear them down.


I don’t understand all this hullabaloo about non profits like this, the homeless shelter, etc. Anything we can do to better the jail revolving door situation is an improvement. I wonder if it’s more about having more Democrat government employees and social workers on PERS and in the union though taking up resources like the public schools do? Do the people in Portland similarly complain of Central City Concern?

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