Letters to the Editor: September 15, 2017

I meant all of them

I was misrepresented by one of the residents at the Sept. 5 meeting in Carlton about the “inclusion.”

I did not say “Latino” or refer only to the Latino community when I spoke about illegal aliens and illegal immigration. I was concerned about all the illegal nationalities.

They mostly come over the border with Mexico. Some nationalities are of more concern because they don’t want to just live here. They want us destroyed. This is also a fact.

Whoever comes over illegally is considered a criminal under federal law. No matter how anyone thinks or feels, it’s the truth. However, our own representatives in Washington, Salem or all across Amera have chosen the most discriminatory, brutal and intolerant law against our most helpless fellow human beings, the unborn and the elderly.

Gov. Kate Brown signed one law against our babies — breaking our God’s law in the Bible, “Thou shalt not kill.” If could hear them cry, would it make a difference?

We are all alike in many ways, but when break our God’s laws, we must also pay the consequences for whatever choices we make. In “we,” I also mean me.

Sharon Marsh



Traffic headaches

I regularly drive Highway 18 from Lincoln City to McMinnville.

The Sunday afternoon traffic normally runs well until around Murphy Hill, where it backs up and becomes stop-and-go. Murphy Hill is six miles from the casino. Once past the casino, traffic flows nicely again. The problem is that people leaving the casino roll through the stop sign and force their way into the traffic flow, causing slowing and backing up traffic.

Here’s a thought. Why don’t Oregon Department of Transportation and casino officials jointly create a merge lane for eastbound traffic? There is room to do so all the way to the bridge. Or why don’t the state police set a patrol car at that intersection to intimidate and/or ticket drivers who roll through the stop sign?

They could use a video camera and record the violators and send the ticket in the mail, just like the cameras at intersections. Use a rent-a-cop to do the legwork. There was a lot of road rage last Monday evening with impatient drivers.

Albert Endres



Speaking for the trees

I live near Discovery Park and keep hearing the saws droning and see that many branches of the large evergreen trees were taken down — some as high as eight or nine feet from the ground.

These are healthy trees. I don’t know why such action was taken. On Saturday, I asked one of the men picking up the debris why. He said it is so lawn-cutting machines can proceed more easily near the trees.

Is this the reason? The park is now so different looking and there are lots of empty spaces under the trees. I can’t believe this park should be changed so much with this method of pruning.

Mary Vassolo



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