Letters to the editor: Sept. 10, 2021

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Don Dix

Due to the 'movement to defund police', manpower is an issue at many levels. Really, does anyone think a mask violation is something worth reporting to law enforcement?

And for those who fail to understand the sheriff(s) and the mask controversy -- enforcement for non-compliance of the mask mandate is the domain of OSHA (not law enforcement)-- visit the web site.


Oh please, that movement has not caused any change in the funding of Yamhill County law enforcement agencies. OSHA regulates workplaces, and employee safety. If someone is asked to leave a bar for unruly behavior is OSHA called? No the police are, same thing.

Don Dix

Unruly behavior in public has always been a law enforcement issue. The mask mandate does not rise to that level, unless a particular situation evolves into a confrontation. Otherwise, it appears some have a yearning to be the 'mask police' and narc off every offender.


Fred Fawcett - I have some left-over cat dewormer. Maybe I could ask my husband to break it open and apply it to the back of my neck. That'll do it!