Letters to the editor: May 7, 2021

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Fred Fawcett, I have an idea that might end the gun violence in America. Next time there is a mass shooting, publish the photos of the bloodied, dead victims on the nightly news, the print media, and the Internet. Let Americans see what military style assault weapon ammo does to a human body. Especially the bodies of children. Perhaps then Americans will lose their love affairs with guns and high capacity ammunition.

Of course, that will never happen because we can't possibly let people see the carnage wrought by these weapons. After all, we're not even allowed to see the flag-draped coffins of our fallen military men and women when their bodies are unloaded at Dover Air Force Base. Our sensitivities would be offended, I guess.


Montag- you make an interesting point. I have always felt that the media coverage and nightly review of the casualties was a powerful influence in changing America’s outlook on the Vietnam conflict.....


Showcasing the carnage of gun violence will be about as much a deterrent as Dan Rather embedded in Vietnam, sending back shocking images of the ongoing carnage. We still have wars and we will still have gun violence. If anything, it will dull the senses and lead to even further shootings, as everyone will feel compelled to buy a gun in order to protect themselves at any cost. As it is the media is often a pawn in spreading the violence by the reports that they do file, especially when they inadvertently give the perpetuators of such vile gun violence their fifteen minutes...