Letters to the editor: May 14, 2021

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Thank you Jane Kristof & Walt Parry, you speak for me. The BOC has been hijacked and the citizens of Yamhill County are paying a high price for misguided decisions at the ballot box. I continue to hope that destructive decisions can be reversed before it is too late, and we can see a return to sane representative governance.

I also appreciate the letter from Bill Johnson. The “BIG LIE” is a metastasizing cancer on our democracy and needs to be exposed and discredited at every opportunity.

And finally, as a “born hugger” myself, I welcome the personal reflections about Mr. Haugeberg. We all need to be sensitive to the way any kind of physical contact is perceived, but the intent and circumstances must be considered too. Seems to me that a thorough investigation is necessary BEFORE anonymous allegations can cast aspersions on someone’s character. It does not appear that happened here.