Letters to the editor: March 5, 2021

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Leonard Leis misses the point with his characterization of the the former president as a patriot whose actions should be accorded the same leeway as that extended to MLK just days before his assassination. MLK was a private citizen; the president was a public official whose oath required him to defend the country against enemies both foreign and domestic. The president failed this basic test of true leadership. He had the power to end the riot as soon as it started. To his shame, he chose not to do that. He is no patriot.

Don Dix

It's not clear why 'a sanctuary' is needed for anything but nature, but here we are.

Most of Oregon is 'a sanctuary state' for illegal aliens, which means local or state law enforcement will not cooperate with ICE without a court order or warrant. The law is clearly broken, but Oregon chooses to ignore it. Can anyone just use that thinking when confronted with arrest? -- Idon't think so.

The proposal to make Yamhill County 'a sanctuary for gun owners' has some all jacked up, but why? It seems that protection against arrest for illegals gets more traction than protecting the rights of legal citizens.

Neither 'sanctuaries' are necessary, so it appears the divide is as usual -- political. Tweaking to fit political ideals is dangerous, divisive, and just plain stupid -- knock it off!

Bill B

Well said Don.