Letters to the Editor: March 24, 2023

Bending the rules?

I understand the state Department of Environmental Quality has been reviewing, and may have approved, a revised stormwater pond on a tax lot east of the Riverbend Landfill’s permitted boundary.

Yamhill County zoning ordinances require a site design review for landfill purposes, but the county has not received an application, to my knowledge.

I am checking to see if the DEQ has received a Land Use Compatibility Statement from Yamhill County. I am concerned because I have not received any assurance that the DEQ is requiring a LUCS before spending public money reviewing construction plans.

Leonard Rydell



Shame on Linfield

As I watch the image of Linfield University continue to spiral down the drain, I can’t help but wonder why Miles Davis is still president of the once beautiful and prestigious college.

Reading the negative comments Dr. Davis solicited against Coach Shanan Rosenberg to support dismissal made me wonder how and why he chose particular former student athletes. I felt a duty to share our experience, even though our family was not one he reached out to.

In high school, my son was a favorite among coaches, teachers and players. He loved basketball and wasn’t ready to stop playing when he graduated. He had heard about Coach Rose at Linfield from other coaches, so we reached out and met with him.

Coach Rose was very open and honest with us about his program.

He said it wasn’t just about basketball. He strives to create a culture of family with his team.

His team represents Linfield on and off the court. Therefore, he has high standards for acceptable behavior.

Contrary to what Mr. Davis suggests, as a basketball family, we chose Linfield solely because of Coach Rose and his program.

As the parent of an athlete, I find it confounding that we still have parents at the collegiate level screaming at the coach to put their adult child into the game.

Rule number one of parenting an athlete is to talk to the coach after the game, never during. Even better, encourage your athlete to talk to the coach himself instead of handling it for them.

This entire episode is a black mark on Linfield University. It is a shame President Davis is ruining what used to be a beautiful school.

It appears the person who should be leaving isn’t the one being targeted for it.

Teryl Hillis




It’s interesting but not surprising to see the support for coach Rosenberg that has appeared over the last few weeks. It’s also interesting to see the blame for the coach’s actions shifted to the offending fans, the AD, and even the president of the university, when this situation was completely the fault of the coach.
The letter above stated that the coach & team represents Linfield both on and off the court and that the coach has high standards for acceptable behavior. Is the coach exempt from his own team standards? Clearly Coach Rosenberg is on the wrong side of this argument and as an unaffiliated observer, his threat to litigate seems to show a lack of responsibility for his own actions.

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