Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2015

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Kerry Wolfe - go ahead and pray in "every place." No one is stopping you. Bow your head and pray your little heart out. Pray....and pray some more...all you want. No law or government could ever stop you from praying and having a relationship with your God. However, you shouldn't force your prayers upon the rest of us.

Horse with no name

Religion is useful to politicians for controlling populations. Politicians are useful to the Religious because they get tax breaks to keep on preaching your reward will be in heaven. The Religious get a living from perpetuating a fraud... great for lazy people with big ego's. Where does this leave the hard working good citizen? You get to subsidize the Religious and stay in fear of both your politician and your preacher. Remember to keep supporting both of these characters because if one or both of them go away, it will be really bad... they said it would.

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