Letters to the Editor: June 17, 2016

Requiem for an RV park

The Mulkey RV Park sign on Highway 18 has been removed, so I guess the park is a thing of the past.

I know nothing about the history of the park, except that some have lived there for more than 17 years. Their good neighbor, Waste Management, bought the park some time ago and leased it back to the previous owner, and now residents have until the middle of July to vacate.

There are 60 spaces in the park. All items left will be destroyed. Waste Management needs the space to park equipment for the additional 29 acres of garbage. I had never been in the park until recently. It was kind of like an oasis in the middle of the desert with trees and prevailing winds blowing away from the park. According to a map, the 29 acres will be located next to Highway 18 at the lower end of the property.

It is nice to know that Waste Management has faith in the powers that be at the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners to continue to approve all of their future plans for the valley.

One thing that amazes me is that Waste Management can move a creek that interferes with this location. I did not know that creeks could be moved to fit construction plans. Of course, I guess if Donald Trump can build a wall, Waste Management can move a creek. All it takes is money.

Shirley Venhaus

Grand Ronde


Tears for the children

I feel sorry for the children of the Portland School District because they have faith in the adults to vote in representatives who will have their interests as the highest priority.

I blame the adults of the school district for hiring officials who don’t have the children’s best interest in mind and continue year after year. The school board selects a superintendent to watch over the school district, have the children’s best interest in mind and oversee a staff whot should hold children’s lives and education as the top order of business. Obviously, they have failed for years.

You should feel ashamed and held accountable for every child who gets sick, suffers health problems or dies because of the lack of concern for the lead problem in the school district. By not recalling school board members, Portland residents feel this situation should be ignored or swept under the carpet. Shame on You!

Robert Griffin



Both sides want blood

Both major political parties like to accuse each other of stealing the freedom of the American people.

Every act or speech is dissected to show us how it’s part of a plot to put an end to the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. These freedoms are guaranteed. That’s why the Declaration of Independence speaks of “inalienable rights.”

One of our greatest rights is the right to due process. During Obama’s rule, that right has been eroded to the point of being non-existent. Obama has granted himself the right to order the death of U.S. citizens without due process or protection of law. He has had four citizens killed in drone strikes. Some human rights activists claim a man and his son were killed because the father made anti-American speeches in Yemen. His 15-year-old son, killed a week later, was reportedly not accused of anything.

Yes, the speeches were objectionable, but the First Amendment doesn’t have an exemption for objectionable speech.

When Trump makes speeches that seem to call for violence, we’re told that such talk is harmless. How, then, does harmless speech merit an executive order to kill the speaker? Since the Republican Party accuses Obama of attacking our liberty on a regular basis, you would assume that extra-judicial killings would be at the top of their list.

Instead we get deafening silence. They have nothing to say about it. Why would the Republican Party give Obama a pass on his contention that he can order a citizen’s death without due process? The only reason is that they want that same power should they take office. They too want to dump due process and have the power to say, “off with his head.” Should we as free people allow our presidents to become kings?

Fred Fawcett



Look at Johnson (and wince)

You told readers June 3 that Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, is “worth a look.” Watch out what you ask for.

My husband and I lived in New Mexico for 27 years, including the eight years when  Johnson was governor. After that wretched period under his “leadership,” the only time I would like to take another look at Gary Johnson is as he is walking out the door to resume his career as a ski bum.

After he became a millionaire, Johnson looked with disdain at those who could not do the same. His attitude toward New Mexicans was often callous and indifferent. He was widely known for his preference for building prisons (private ones, of course) rather than schools. At one point, he vetoed more bills than all other 49 governors combined. His policies and his actions were irresponsible. Most likely when in elementary school, he got an F in “plays well with others.”

I was a public school teacher. We and the students of New Mexico were often the victims of Johnson’s refusal to support our schools. He never showed us an ounce of respect. Once he unexpectedly signed a raise for public school employees. Of course, this was when he was running for re-election. Before the ink dried, his chief-of-staff said, “The governor thinks it’s time for teachers to stop complaining, get to work, and prove you deserve the [expletive] money.” Really. That is exactly what he said.

The governor started to backpedal so fast he was almost in Arizona, but the damage had been done. While in office, Johnson entered the Ironman triathlon. We hoped he would just keep swimming.

Johnson did once reach the summit of Mount Everest, but so did Edmund Hillary, and he never thought he should be the prime minister of New Zealand.

Nancy Schick




Don Dix

Robert Griffen wrote ... "I feel sorry for the children of the Portland School District because they have faith in the adults to vote in representatives who will have their interests as the highest priority."

Replace 'children of PSD' with 'Oregon residents' ... and the root of the problem will be exposed!

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