Letters to the Editor: June 12, 2015

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Betty says regarding the return of the kicker: "If it goes into a fund for schools, who knows what will happen to it?"

Who knows... it may just fund another teacher to allow for smaller class sizes or it just may fund the return of art classes, music and more. It may even allow for healthier lunches, parenting classes, sex ed, technical training, and carpentry/wood shop, etc. for teens. If we don't fund education how can we expect an educated and trained workforce? After all, our young people are going to be running things as we all age. They will be doctors, nurses, electricians, plumbers, and more. One day they may even be at our bedside as we transition out of this world. Don't you want them informed and educated?

Also Betty, why would you want to offer kids today an education that is inferior to the one you had that was graciously paid for by the previous generation?

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