Letters to the Editor: July 24, 2015

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You can pretty much take your last paragraph and relate it to someone else even higher up who has dishonored the position to which he was elected.

Don Dix

Scott writes --"We do not have the right to declare ourselves separate from the law, even from those laws we hate. Such would be the path to chaos."

We(citizens) may not have that 'right', but our elected representatives in government (especially federal) seem to have no problem exempting themselves.


Excellent letter Scott! "Hissy fit" is especially appropriate for their style of governing and the only defense I hear is the deflection that other politicians are worse, we can always find problems with other politicians but it does not justify the juvenile, petty way that our commissioners conduct themselves.Can we judge our local politicians just on their merits or does it always need to be a comparison with other elected officials?


Oregonize, why are you throwing such a 'Sissy fit'?

Is it because 'not everyone' agrees to march in Scott's parade?


Maxine, I agree.

Scott Gibson

I certainly agree that there are other politicians have behaved badly in a host of ways. Shame on them all. I wrote this letter because I had hoped that the unworkable tactic of nullification had more or less died in 1865. We tried the Articles of Confederacy before the Constitution, with every state almost autonomous unto themselves. Did not work. I feel it is a very poor example to assert an authority to disregard the law. And yes, I believe that such behavior is wrong at every level of government. When they try it, I think they should be called out. It is easier to call out officials at a local level than to try to call out, say, a US Senator. Hence the letter.


Scott, point well made, and I agree.

As I see it, it's akin to little boys & girls (county level) emulating the behaviors of the Big Boys & Girls ( at both Federal & State levels).

Scott Gibson

Well stated, Mike.


Also in reference to Scott's letter, what makes the whole exercise so sad is the fact that it undermines respect in the institution and creates polarized debate without any real purpose whatsoever, except maybe making Ms. Starrett's brother and his organization happy. I suspect that that's where this egg was hatched in the first place.

Nobody has asked the county to implement anything or spend and/or set aside any resources for that purpose, the county commission has no jurisdiction over any gun laws, and all law enforcement officers in Oregon (excepting federal officers) are state-certified and will apply state law in appropriate situations, not resolutions passed by county commissions.

I'm particularly disappointed that Stan Primozich, who has a long and distinguished record of (serious) civic service in this community, is playing along with this monkey business, although I've noticed he has managed to be absent when this stuff is on the agenda.

Horse with no name

Great letter Scott, maybe the commissioners think everyone was home schooled and missed out on the history of the theory of nullification. What really irks me is the Sheriff jumps in the boat with the commissioners with this baloney. Maybe he thinks this is the ticket to political success in Yamhill County. Maybe he should ask Stan how it’s working out for him being in the same boat with Springer and Starrett. I think the more citizens learn about how these folks want to run things, the less they are going to like it and maybe they will dig a little deeper next time they vote. Maybe those that didn’t vote will get off their duff next time and we can get some real leadership.


Horse - and therein lies the problem with elections at all levels - the disinterest. Not everyone will ever be happy but at least be somewhat informed and take an interest in what affects us all.


But Scott Gibson, why is it that you have never written a letter to the editor about our "honorable" (snark) former Governor? Or about or "follow the constitution" (bigger snark) POTUS?

Horse with no name

freedomlover, you got any thought in respect to the contents of Mr. Gibson's letter? While you're thinking about that, here's a word to look up in your dictionary "ad hominem". Learning this word should help you focus.


This is not the only county, sheriff or law enforcement org. that will not enforce this ineffective law

Scott Gibson

Well, freedomlover, apparently target selection is not my gift.