Letters to the Editor - July 17, 2015

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Don Dix

The commissioners do not have the authority to 'enforce' any law. And SB 941, the piece of crap that it is, hasn't been signed by the gov., so it isn't even on the books yet.

And how is speaking up when legislation is moving thru the process a bad thing? I agree the commission is walking outside the ropes, but I always thought it was usual for the support AND the opposition to let their feelings be known, before the respective chambers finalized things! Silly me!


Rob, I have a question for you. Have you called for the arrest or indictment of Barak Obama or Eric Holder for gun running from our country to Mexican gangs? Or have you called for the arrest of Barak Obama for not enforcing the protection of our nation by controlling the borders as stipulated in his oath office? Maybe Lois Lerner should be behind bars for her scandals involving the IRS in a myriad of law-breaking schemes preventing conservative non-profits from business? Or Hillary Clintons involvement in allowing the 4 Americans heroes to die in Benghazi. Let's don't forget all the law breaking, jack booted progressives that are not doing their sworn duties. In retrospect, the county commissioners are 1) small potatoes and 2) along with 20 other counties doing the same. Be fair and square, Rob. The knife cuts both ways.


Classic, we were able to get Benghazi into this comment thread!


I agree with both, Don Dix and gophergrabber.

SB 941 is not yet signed into Oregon Law.

Accountability, according to progressive/liberal mindset, is to be strictly reserved for 'conservative' officeholders and their appointments.

Now, if you're an elected progressive you're free to twist, distort and/or ignore duly enacted laws already on the books simply at your discretion/pleasure.


I don't know where the misinformation on the non-signing came from (wishful thinking perhaps?), but Gov. Kate Brown signed SB 941 as an elaborate ceremony staged in her office on May 11. That's more than two months ago, so it's the law of the land, fellas.

Here's the URL of an Oregonian photo of the grand signing:


Don Dix

Steve is correct, the bill was signed. He is also wrong. The Senate bill was passed on May 14. It took effect upon passage, preventing opponents from trying to refer it to the voters. But its new requirement for background checks in private gun transfers takes effect 90 days from the effective date. (Background checks have been required for years for purchases from dealers and at gun shows.) So, no, it's not 'the law of the land' yet. It will not become law until Aug.12.


Fair enough. Aug. 12 it is.


Don Dix

This fact -- It took effect upon passage, preventing opponents from trying to refer it to the voters. -- bothers me as much as the bill itself.

When a piece of legislation is 'galloped thru', effective immediately after govs signature, and then immune to voter referendum -- what does that say about how the voter is represented in state government decisions? It seems to be the same old BS! 'We know better than you what is best for you, trust us! Yeah, one would have to significantly lower the confidence bar for these dipsticks and their previous, 'trust us, this is no-cost, or it will solve the problem', legislation to even make a blip!


Perfect question gophergrabber, Do you have an answer for that Rob Schulman? And try to do it without blaming Bush or racism.


Great question goghergrabber...wonder why Mr. Schulman is not responding to you?


freedomlover, there are a lot of folks that read their local newspaper without the Internet.

You aren't even required to be a paid subscriber to write a letter to the editor of any newspaper.

That could very well be the reason for any lack of immediate reply to gophergrabber's question, good as it was.