Letters to the Editor: July 10, 2015

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Robert Mason, You must have terrible times sleeping at night with all the law breaking going on by local, state or federal officials charged to keep the law. The IRS, Secretary of State, FBI and the White House are breaking laws every day. I am sure you have heard of the IRS scandals, Hillary's SOS emails that don't exist anymore and, of course, my favorite- Fast and Furious gun running sting run by the DOJ. Law enforcement a long time ago gave up on marijuana busting in Portland. Please, if we are going to criticize one governmental body while ignoring the larger, more resentful agencies that seem to have no limit.


It is the liberal/progressive mindset that encourages 'prosecutorial discretion' on a scale never before imagined possible. Democrats as a whole have absolutely no qualms about ignoring laws on the books they themselves disagree with.

gophergrabber, has hit the nail squarely on the head.


On a more happy note, I am looking forward to reading Viron Fessler's 'coming out your way' letter to the Editor of the Oregonian.

Now let the celebrations in Gaston begin, they're stating early down here, in Grand Ronde.

It's now 06:00 and duty calls. I now must leave my desk, go outside, and water a particularly small 'shrub'.

Don Dix

Sorry for your troubles, Viron. Take care.