Letters to the Editor: January 19, 2024

No one wants to work

I don’t want to get into a debate on who is best for the position of the U.S. presidency with the clearly Democratic Biden writer Phil Forve (a characterization Forve emphatically disputes, the editors note), but feel compelled to question one of the statements he made in last week’s guest commentary.

Mr. Forve wrote, “More people are working in America today than at any other time in our history, and wages are rising faster than inflation. Simply put, we have the strongest economy in the world.”

I am not sure where this man lives, but maybe it’s in a cave, given that everywhere you look there is a NOW HIRING sign posted. And these businesses cannot beg employees to take job, even with huge bonuses offered.

Self-service gas came because of lack of gas attendants wanting to work. And how many stores are forced to close early or close on a given day because they do not have help?

No one wants to work as long as the government continues to pay them not to. Never before in history have you seen a NOW HIRING sign on at least every other business.

And he says we have the most ever working, with wages rising faster than the inflation rate?

Great for some, but what about the accompanying increases for gas, electric, water, food and everything else? Prices are increasing at more than twice the rate of wages or the 3% Social Security hike.

All this makes me wonder about the rest of the statements in his commentary.

Roger Currier


Dedicated to help

I want to thank our city for being dedicated to providing an actual service to those experiencing homelessness. Specifically, the library took pains to be open as a warming shelter so those with nowhere else to go could stay warm and dry.

I read the headlines about people complaining about the worst of the worst encampments and saying how bad our city is. I even read that one of our commissioners was in the audience. I don’t see the county stepping up to try and help. Not one single county building was open to be a resource.

It makes me more thankful to the city for saying yes, stepping up, and helping out.

Anne Messner




@Roger, the Civilian Labor Force Participation rate has been on a steady decline since peaking about 25 years ago. In 2022 there was a slight increase in CLFPR. There is strong consumer confidence (major increase according to University of MI in Dec/Jan) and consumer spending leading to a strong labor market. That’s why you see help wanted signs and raising wages particularly for service jobs. CLFPR has been declining due to an aging population, complications from Covid in 2020 and lack of affordable childcare.


help wanted signs are GOOD thing. They indicate that businesses are doing so well that they NEED employees. If business are laying off people in droves because of a downturn in the economy then you won't see ANY help wanted signs. With so many jobs to choose from folks can afford to be choosey. Not everyone wants a job in the service industry.

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