Letters to the Editor: Jan. 15, 2016

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Jack Stanley - Protest and civil disobedience by citizens of the US is a right of Freedom of assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of speech which are all subject to certain limitations. Protests should be lawful. However, an armed take over of a federal building is a crime. I'm surprised you can't tell the difference.


Armed take over ----you mean like when Eric Holder participated in an armed take over of a college building???

Horse with no name

"Ranching, mining and logging have been demonized for 40 years", don't you mean subsidized? They aren't charged near enough for the public resources they consume and reap profit from. Another whining claim for the moochers. The majority of ranchers, miners, and loggers don't feel like these divinely inspired nuts. Most ranchers, miners and loggers know they've got a pretty good deal and feel that these nuts are going to ruin it for them if the taxpayer starts taking a closer look at how our public resources are managed. I think if a protester on the St. John's bridge had a weapon, especially a long gun, they would have been neutralized pronto, nothing close to these nuts that brag of snipers locking in on federal agents. As for the rumor on Eric Holder, make way for the big wind machines of The Blaze and The Daily Caller, wow that's where I go for credible information... just more crazy talk. Get some facts first:
I think it's great the nuts come out of the woodwork every once in a while so we can all take a closer look at what's going on, at all of our expense. Sedition is what this is about and they feel justified because the little God voice in Cliven's head said so. Same as the little God voice in Glen Becks head. They have a picture of their fantasy reality and they are acting on it. The take over of the wildlife refuge is the perfect picture of a combination of mental illness and guns. It's commendable that law enforcement is taking a cautious approach but all these criminals should all go to jail at the end of this. That is the least the taxpayers deserve for these crimes. After that we should revisit grazing fees and start collecting past due grazing fees. If they don't pay they get treated like any other deadbeat or thief.


rebmc - Nothing you have said changes the fact that an out-of-state militia has executed an armed take over of a federal building in Oregon. The gunman said very plainly that they didn't come here to shoot...they came here to die. In essence, they are throwing a war and the feds aren't showing up. So much for the big bad oppressive government huh?


Where is Janet Reno when you need the gov to prevail?

Why not wait to see both sides told? The news filters will be clogged soon and maybe we can learn the truth.
maybe Dan Rather and Mary Mapes can get to the bottom of it. Until then chill

Horse with no name

How about a little historical perspective on the divinely inspired movement that has surfaced in Harney County.





SPLC====the group who declared vets (and conservatives, tea party members) as terrorists

OK fine

Horse with no name

rebmc - Only the ones that are criminals.