Letters to the editor: Aug. 6, 2021

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Not a surprising point of view from a substantial, multiple time contributor to Ms Berschauer’s campaign..... the recall appears to address more than her stance on the trail.....

Erin C.

Tagup, it's worth noting that not only has Tom Hammer donated money to Commissioner Berschauer's campaign but she's also putting him forward for a committee position.

Erin C.

Nepotistic: As of today 8/12 Mr. Tom Hammer was appointed to the Mid-Willamette Valley Area Commission on Transportation Committee (MWACT). Motion to appoint was made by none other than Commissioner Berschauer.


Ok....let’s see what he can do about the Lafayette Hwy crossing at Hwy 18.....but I’m sure it’s more about the trail....


Hammer purchased a committee seat today. LB is bought and paid for. She's got to go!!

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