Letters to the Editor: Aug. 25, 2023

Caution, please

I’m writing in response to Jeb Bladine’s column, “It’s Time to Chop Downtown Trees.” I’d like to share our 2 1/2-year experience here at Alchemist’s Jam, just off Third Street.

Last year, two beautiful and very old trees across the street from our business were cut down. The temps inside our shop instantly got at least 10 degrees warmer.

Our sourdough starter, which we rely on heavily because we are a bakery, suffered tremendously. As a result, our bread sales suffered. It took us weeks to get our sourdough back on schedule.

The trees that previously shaded our business most of the day had kept us at a pretty steady and reasonable temperature. Since they were cut down, we’ve noticed the days are much, much hotter, and keeping the constant temperature required for sourdough is now extremely difficult.

Where we used to be able to bake and make jam in our shop during the day without being too uncomfortable, even in the summer, it’s now unbearable.

I realize it might not seem like a big deal to some people to remove trees and plant new ones, because they have air conditioning and the money to adjust their environment for maximum comfort, that’s not the reality for everyone. If we start chopping down trees downtown, without putting an immense amount of thought and care into it, there will be dire consequences for businesses, employees, houseless individuals, the elderly, disabled people and children, as well as animals, insects and plant life. They can’t stand the higher temperatures.

Let’s proceed with caution.

Jennifer Fisher



The dark side

I’m wondering why the police cars serving the city of McMinnville are painted as if they were purchased off the set from some dystopian black and white B movie from the 1950s.

Honestly, I can’t tell whether they’re patrol cars or vehicles for security guards from the hospital, Walmart or some mall.

Surely there must be a reason why we went to the dark side. What is it?

Many McMinnville people — you know, the ones who pay the chief’s salary — might like to know, too.

Sheila Hunter




Blackout Police Cars = Intimidation for the little people.

Bill B

Apparently BigfootLives is a member of the little people.


Remove all trees from sidewalks. Make 3rd pedestrian only. Plant trees in center of 3rd street pedestrian area. See Charlottesville, VA walking mall for inspiration.

Don Dix

Jean -- my sentiment since the 90s.

Bill B

Why not keep the trees where they are and "plant" the utilities in the middle of the street?

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