Letters to the Editor: April 13, 2018

Disappointed in Olson’s attack

It was disappointing to read about Rick Olson’s attack on his fellow county commissioners.

Goal setting is important, but because each department in the county has a very different mission, experience has shown centralized goal setting isn’t the most effective method. Instead, each department has its own strategic planning process.

There are also excellent citizen advisory committees that welcome public input. They advise the board of long-term capital needs, or changes that would better serve the public.

Having long-term plans sitting on a shelf is a waste of time and money, especially when there already exists a plan for maintenance and improvement of county facilities discussed and implemented every budget season.

Most surprising of all was Commissioner Olson’s grandiose view of a new “county government complex.” It is simply staggering. Who would benefit?

Any need for facility expansion would be based on conjecture. It would be dependent on state programs or greatly increased population.

In addition, the urging to conduct “a full compensation and benefit study” is shortsighted, as such a study would become outdated very quickly. Every so many years, the county and the union battle it out in talks where these questions are discussed thoroughly. Specific compensation comparisons are conducted as needed.

The commissioners and administrators have been working together on the county budget for months. If these ideas are important to Commissioner Olson, he had ample time to identify an issue, seek a source for the funds and work with administrators to incorporate it. Otherwise, he is simply creating dissension and distrust on the board.

Commissioners Primozich and Starrett had good reason to be outraged by Commissioner Olson’s attack.

Kathy George



Ease up on fellow immigrants

About 150 years ago, illegal immigrants began trespassing the sovereign borders of long established nations near us. These illegals coveted the wildlife, timber, pasture, farm ground and gold that belonged to another.

These illegals ignored signed treaties their government had made and proceeded to trespass, using violence and superior weapons to take and hold the ground. They cloaked their greed in the religious fanaticism of Manifest Destiny, proclaiming, ”God told us to take it.”

This was the red man’s nation for millennia, but now it would be white, even if extermination of the red man was necessary. Contrast this to the predominately peaceful and humble illegal immigrants among us today.

What do they covet? They covet the low-wage, physically difficult jobs — jobs most Americans will not touch. To these immigrants, a job represents economic hope, a hope they do not have in their homeland.

And the captains of our industries want the brown man to have this job. Clean rooms at the inn, hand-picked fruit on the table, manicured lawns, all at reasonable prices, thanks to low wages.

Dear White American: Given the atrocities our forefathers committed as illegal aliens, I would hope we could balance the scales of justice a bit by being tender-hearted to today’s illegal immigrant. For those peaceful, longstanding contributors to our economy, let’s provide a pathway to citizenship.

Going forward, let’s develop a simplified worker program that allows our impoverished neighbors easy entry and easy exit for seasonal jobs. Let’s generously share the wealth of this great nation and bring up the living standards across our hemisphere.

Jeff Flake



Rojas a refreshing change

I enjoyed reading your recent editorial endorsing Josh Rojas for Position 1 on the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners.

It reflected the impression I got from watching him interact last month with Friends of the Bus, a group of elderly people active in demanding better service from the Yamhill County Transit Area. He is reaching out to all ethnicities, the elderly, the disenfranchised and the less-heard-from smaller municipalities of Yamhill County.

How refreshing to hear a balanced, compassionate and knowledgeable young man articulate his vision of the county and listen in return to the views of citizens, always seeking to find common ground. I appreciate his humility and think others would feel comfortable approaching him with their concerns as a natural leader.

We can certainly do without the egos and partisanship of past commissioners. It’s time to pass the baton.

Annette Madrid



Youthful energy, enthusiasm

Having had conversations with Chelsey Williams, running for county commissioner position #3, and Josh Rojas, running for county commissioner Position #1, I’ve come away so impressed.

These two younger individuals are committed to seeing all of Yamhill County flourish in the future. They would like to make all communities feel represented.
Clelsey’s experience in small business, mediation and communications, and Josh’s thorough knowledge of county functions and direct experience with mental health, put them in a unique position to really solve many issues currently being faced.

The energy, enthusiasm and creativity these two would bring to the job would benefit all of us.

I particularly like their commitment to transparency and integrity. I am convinced they both would dig in and put all that energy to work effectively.

Mary Macey



Kicking off election season

Right on cue, front page news: “Olson clashes over priorities.” Nothing like a good public display of conflict, hostility and dysfunction on the board of commissioners to help kick off an election season.

Of course Rick Olson is going to make his waves right now. Of course he will accuse his fellow commissioners of ignoring his noble suggestions while they sit on their hands. What better way to bolster and support the current campaigns of like-minded candidates?

The timing of his indignation is both superficial and calculated. It represents yet another example of how silly it is that we label our commissioners “non-partisan.”
Give me a break.

Terry Willard


Miller for the bench

It seems like our children are under attack. From threats spraypainted on the walls of our schools to the alarming rate at which too many kids are abused, I worry for our children.

I’m writing to make people aware of at least one way in which we are fortunate here in Yamhill County.

For six years, Deputy District Attorney Lisl Miller has chaired the Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Team, which brings together youth advocates from across the county to aid in better communication and seek comprehensive solutions.

Juliette’s House, Department of Human Services and DA’s Office personnel team with law enforcement officers, school representatives, victims’ advocates and mental health professionals to seek justice and support victims on a case-by-case basis. This is a big way in which Lisl’s leadership is making Yamhill County a safer place for our youth.

Lisl is now running for judge, and I can’t imagine a better individual to make decisions for our children. She is an amazing person. Her heart for protecting children and seeking justice shows both inside and outside the court room.

Lisl Miller has my vote hands down for Yamhill County Circuit Judge, Position 2.

Mick Forlines


Starrett doesn’t measure up

The News-Register’s re-election endorsement of County Commissioner Mary Starrett is ill-conceived.

The editors are enamored by Ms. Starrett’s efforts to alleviate the suffering of the poor, homeless, jobless and drug addicted. A real Mother Teresa, they say.
But isn’t it a bit ironic to praise her charity work when the very policies she supports lead to the growing demand for charity?

Minimum wages, living wages, unions and regulations are all things Ms. Starrett opposes from the very depths of her libertarian heart. Yet these are concrete benefits that keep people out of poverty and offer a resilient and healthy community.

I suggest we use Gov. Tom McCall as the yardstick by which to measure other candidates, not Mother Teresa. His vision is the true vision of Oregon.

It’s time we recognize this and get back to work taking care of Oregon. It’s more than just a resource to be exploited by the highest bidder.

Larry Treadwell



Trump’s Mexican wall folly

I read a letter in the March 30 edition celebrating Trump’s plan to redirect defense spending funds to build his wall.

The writer failed to mention that Trump promised the American people the wall wouldn’t cost them a dime. Mexico would be paying, he promised.

Now Trump is trying to waste $25 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars on this doomed boondoggle. Some campaign contributor in the wall-building business will be the only winner here.

The writer also failed to consider that Congress would have to both authorize and appropriate those funds for them to be redirected. That requires 60 votes in a Senate split 51-49. Not even Pence’s tie-breaking vote will make that happen.

Trump has not only shown once that he lacks understanding of how government functions, but also that he celebrates dishonesty as a way to move his agenda forward. After all, it was only two weeks ago that he boasted about lying to Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, as if that was an accomplishment.

The $25 billion Trump wants to waste on the wall would be much better spent securing our nation’s schools. His claim that enemy combatants are pouring across the border is ridiculous. We’ve seen a much greater threat in our schools, with shooting after shooting.

As far as drugs crossing the border, does anyone believe for one second that a wall will solve that problem?  It won’t.

We as a nation have a long list of pressing problems where that wall money could be put to good use — much more pressing than Trump’s need to score political points with his base.

Fred Fawcett



Down a dangerous path

Are we aware of the increasing focus on gun control, mental health, discrimination, villifying of religion, surveillance and so forth? Because of this, our constitutional and God-given rights being violated.

Mental screening of school children is occurring in various areas. The children can and are being medicated, and it’s being permitted by the school administration.

Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D., has researched this. He has revealed in his books, “Mental Health Screening” and “Mental Health, Education & Social Control,” that these medications are toxic and dangerous, producing violent behavior that has children killing themselves.

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center has written and spoken extensively to expose land control through the International and National Councils for Local Environmental Initiatives and the U.N.’s Agenda 21 for environmental sustainability, a resolution adopted at the 1992 Earth Summit. He has exposed non-governmental officials enacting regulations leading to ruinous farmland taxation and confiscation.

Of great concern now is the Secure America’s Future Act, introduced in Congress as HR 4760. Its purpose is to address DACA and immigration. 

Congress could mandate a biometric ID card and require its presentation to get a job, open a bank account, get a loan or board a plane. No freedom, no privacy!
We have slumbered too long and trusted without seeking truth. As our forefathers withstood huge forces and prevailed, we must also face the perpetrators. We must remove and prosecute them.

As citizens, it is our duty to see our Constitution is upheld. Freedom isn’t free; we have to fight for it.

A fitting verse from a vilified source is Hosea 4:6, which laments, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Mary Novak




Jeff Flake. Wake up. You need to go back to school and learn some American History.


I have never witnessed such a complete lack of professionalism as when Kathy George and Leslie Lewis were commissioners. They were an embarrassment to the county and to themselves.


Lulu I agree. Of course Kathy doesn't support any strategic planning since Leslie didn't want to do it. Leslie and Kathy didn't want to show up to the office let alone do any planning. Its like a ship without a rudder when there's no planning going on. Only reason no one wants a strategic plan is then they would be held accountable, and heaven forbid the commissioners or administrator would be accountable. So much easier when you can drift along and then every so often attack those who are suppose to be your partners. I think Kathy's letter is way off base. Olson didn't attack anyone, he simply pointed out that he felt there were strategic things that the board needed to focus on. Olson is spot on and needs to continue LEADING. I think that's what commissioners as suppose to do.


Two observations for our esteemed ex commissioner...

1) Departmental planning does not take the place of organizational planning, precisely for the reason you stated... they all have a different mission.
2) A study of compensation to obtain and utilize factual information is not shortsighted....but refusing to do so, based on the possible shelf life of the information, certainly is.....

Don Dix

Terry Willard is correct -- Rick Olson's rant about the county commission is much more about the upcoming election than commission procedure. Knowing that the other two commissioners are up for election (and he is not), creates the opportunity to subtlety bolster support for like-minded candidates without actually doing so.

And if Olson's 'suggestions' are considered, wouldn't it be prudent to figure what the total cost might be? For instance -- returning the 'neighborhood' to the tax rolls (when relocating county government) won't even pay for the 'outside consultant' to address the proposed wage and compensation study. Maybe the first step in the plan to revamp county government is how much ($), rather than just throwing it out there for election fodder!


In response to Jeff Flake’s 4/13 Letter to the Editor, Ease up on fellow immigrants; you really need to brush up in US History before submitting an opinion on a subject you clearly lack sufficient knowledge thereof.

First and foremost, those Europeans that came to N. America “began” more than 450 years ago. To them it was a “new” land, and there was no such thing/concept of “illegal immigrant” back then. As with all things, time and trial and error increases our collective knowledge.

Over time we learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others (notably Rome and why it fell), thus we may be in a better position to maintain the ongoing safety, security and integrity of [a] nation. We need to (nay, we must) decontaminate and sanitize those who attempt to come in, or come in illegally, ensuring they are here for legitimate means (which includes renouncing their homeland, assimilating and becoming a citizen or law abiding permanent resident).

Dear Undereducated Americans: Take a little personal responsibility and accountability for your unsubstantiated subjective obtuse thoughts, and do a little research if you won’t get a better education in US history, before espousing your ignorant views in a public forum.

And spare us the regurgitated liberal talking points, especially…”they will do jobs Americans won’t do” mantra. It simply is not (entirely) true. What is true is the fact that illegals come here to take advantage of everything legal residents and American citizens have built and paid into, and I am just not talking about money either.

Allowing leeway, favors, things to slide, simplifying or looking the other way by being “tender-hearted” is NOT the answer. That is careless, naïve, ignorant and indefensibly dangerous! If you are not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem. Stop being a part of the problem.


Mary Novak, well said! Glad to see a fellow intellectual who actually knows what is going wrong in this world. And that last quote, Hosea 4:6, spot on! Truth! 100% Truth! Just saw a video from Tucker Carlson with a guest host talking to a law professor who was shouted down during a Support the 1st Amendment speech. The ignorance spewing from their mouths was asinine and dumbfounding. Protesting that which gives them the right to protest to begin with. They chanted that free speech was white supremacy, white nationalism, racist, so on and so forth with more ridiculous liberal talking points. Ignorance may be bliss, but at least it can be fixed. Unfortunately, stupid cannot be fixed, ever.


Fred Fawcett, your two-dimensional thinking is showing. If you actually believed Mexico was going to pay for the wall, I know of a bridge in Alaska that goes to nowhere to sell you, real cheap! It's a no brainer!

You're one to talk, accusing Trump of not understanding government functionality. The wall will not stop anything absolutely, as it is not an absolute problem. BUT, it will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the flow of drugs and criminals intent on coming here to do harm and abuse the systems and the people who built/funded them.

There is a HUGE difference between a 10% illegal flow of immigrants and drugs compared to the current 80-85% illegal flow of immigrants and drugs and their devastating impact on legal residents and American citizens.


Mick Forlines, well said! DDA Lisl Miller has my vote to, as she should everyone else for her obvious selfless service to the children, their families and the other citizens of Yamhill County.


T.W.S. -"If you actually believed Mexico was going to pay for the wall, I know of a bridge in Alaska that goes to nowhere to sell you, real cheap! It's a no brainer!"

Trump repeatedly promised that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. He asked his supporters at rallies..."Who's going to pay for it?" Supporters yelled back in answer to his question..."Mexico!" "Who's going to pay for it?"....answer from crowd..."MEXICO." Are you saying that Trump lied? Did he pull a fast one on his supporters and the voters? You seem to be saying that Don is a con...right?


Mudstump - Like Mr. Flake, you need to educate yourself on US History, specifically political science and BS campaign promises(i.e. slogans).


Campaign and policy type slogans presidents wish they never said. It's all a part of politics, and you have to be really really stupid (for a lack of better terms) to have actually believed that that was truth (i.e. his word), when it was so obviously impossible to accomplish.

The only way Mexico will pay for that wall is in the lack of flow of human trafficking into the US, keeping them longer in Mexico causing more problems for Mexicans and their drug cartels and corrupt police force.


"DDA Lisl Miller has my vote to. [sic]"

Consider your Miller vote neutralized.

April is the cruelest month.


You took the bate hook line and sinker, Lulu.

Science says people who do what you just did as being a "jerk."



That bate sure tasted good.

And Mary Novak, your forefathers never wanted you to actually escape from the kitchen to vote.


Still an intellectual coward, and now trolling...eh, Lily?


Your comments deserve no further response.
Crawl back under your rock.


The space under the rock is already occupied, by YOU Lulu.

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