By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Lawmakers look toward short session

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Cap and Trade threatens the agricultural industry, too. Which kind of impacts the illegals. So what would the progressives do if they passed a bill that negatively impacted the illegals employment? More welfare for them and more housing assistance?

Don Dix

Boquist said, “There are not really political parties in the Legislature,” -- “I want to remind you that everybody is an individual.”

Really! Out of the 90 members of Oregon's legislature, 56 belong to the 'Don't Do Anything Unless the Unions Approve It Party'. 'Individual' without 'independence of choice' means nothing.


Never forget that we were deceived as voters when we were sold on the intention of having the short sessions. They were supposed to be for tweaking the budget, certain housekeeping items, and nothing else. They have become garbage-time sessions where nobody's liberty is safe. The amendment should be repealed.


Well good thing at least there will be a different governor presiding over. Tobias Reed is still a Democrat but hopefully not as bad as Kate Hitler

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