By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Labels for wine, not people

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How stupid ! How about we get rid of the wine and the pot and have people grow things that you can actually eat for proper nourishment instead of intoxication?


What's really stupid gregtompkins is your continuous stream of negative and biased comments.


How long you been out of Cali DundeeTed?


How about if we're all just people? The people who assign the labels are the ones who don't want labels. Reverse discrimination is rampant. I applaud anyone for accomplishments -- not their color, religion or sex.


Finch of course you’re right. But the Democrats have been doing the racial war game ever since Thomas Jefferson, their founder.


Most of the grapes are grown on hillsides which were cheap because they were not good for much. Many grape farmers, like good agg business folks expanded into value added things such as juice and wine. Diversity is the name of the game, wine helps.


I’m sixth generation Yamill county Greg....and I agree with Dundee Ted....


@ tagup cool I am very fond of my fellow Oregon Trail Pioneer Descendants :) 1847 via West Linn here:) Have a good evening !!

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