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Kulla to hold town hall on homelessness

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I stand firmly with Starrett on this one.

Which is odd.


Here is the meeting in case you can't attend: Yes, we have a definite problem with homelessness. No, we have no funds or programs or future prospects to alleviate the situation. Meeting adjourned.


So I agree with Starrett in that we probably don't need another level of government handling this but Kulla has a point. Wouldn't it be better if we streamlined and stopped duplicating services therefor opening up some places to handle things that no one is working on? I have no specifics but duplicate services seems like a waste.


This opportunity to comment must be better that talking into the wind.

I cannot comprehend why the homeless would not benefit, as well as the host community, if they were treated as individuals with individual problems. Has any agency offered a one way bus ticket to a location that would put someone on the right course? Is there not a local business that would train for half wages, temporarily subsidized by a local agency? Transport could be provided daily for farm laborers. It would not take a lot of organization to work with the homeless. Even a few hand ups could reduce the problems of both the homeless and their hosts.


Starrett is the problem when it comes to homeless. She has not only been on the ten year plan the end homelessness the longest but has also been on the sub committee for homelessness and hands out checks herself to churches and non profits and promoted duplicate services. She should step aside. As YCAP member it seems like a huge conflict of interest anyway. I voted for Mary BUT never/ever again. Thanks Casey. I doubt I will agree with much of your plan but you have the ... guts... to open it up for discussion anyway.


Kulla is just keeping his face in front of the public. Looks to me like County Commissioner is a stepping stone for him to go work with rest of the Liberals in Salem.


Starrett agues "that people should take more responsibility for solving their own problems." This smacks of privilege. Get a grip and look around to see how many people are struggling even while they are working hard. I guess life is very different in the thin affluent air of Parrett Mountain outside of Newberg.


Starrett has requested her public road be gated... while a sitting commissioner


I agree with Starrett. This homelessness epidemic is all over the west coast. I was appalled to see on a recent work trip how awful the situation was in Santa Cruz California. And in their Uber leftist Mecca San Francisco it felt more like I was in a third world country. This is the problem with leftists they want programs programs programs but on the other hand no no no to building. As long as the problem is not in their own backyard their “programs” will help, right ? I say let all the campers camp in and around the state capital grounds in Salem. And use the facilities at DHS mother ship Barbara Roberts building and open up all the parking lots the state workers use for RVs and tents, too. Those state workers need to be taking Cherriots anyway ! Salem has vastly more resources than McMinnville just cut a check for a few thousand dollars and send them south to Salem. Oregon, California and Washington are liberal sanctuary failed states. I don’t know why people are so foolish to have let us get this bad :-(



To agree with Starrett then you like to pay double for services i.e. Head start and family place or DHS and pilot project in Yamhill county for foster kids and you want a needle exchange. Not me. Services bring them here and she represents services and is a huge part of the problem IMO


The elephant in the room is what do all these areas have in common? Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles ? Sanctuaries for illegals. And homelessness! Quit letting those folks in and take care of our own legitimate citizens.


Casey is also presenting anecdotes only. I'd like to see a semi-official tally of all the now former residents of Marsh Lane and the other former problem camps (thank you, police!) listing their working status.


Stella - regarding Starrett trying to get her public road gated while a countty commissioner - that's nothing - Jim Weidner successfully had his public gravel road paved while a sitting state representative for Yamhill County.


I think we should start calling Mary "Marie" after Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat cake."


I was in Portland downtown today and there was graffiti all over even things like “F//- the president” and other highly offensive things. And drug needles and feces littered the sidewalks. Not just one here one there but a sea of needles. What is happening ti this state ??


Well said, gregtompkins! This town hall meeting will be a waste of time.



What a load of hyperbole.

Why shouldn’t people be responsible for themselves? Why should I be responsible for you for instance?

Always the victim out there.




I believe "Marie" also had her road paved although a receipt for the work couldn't be found last time it was requested.....


Ps. Also the adjoining road to her road was paved three years ago and this year the rest of that adjoining road up for paving ( out of all County roads wow). A snow plow (I'm told) sits in the ready position when there is a threat of snow up there.... truly a "Marie" if there ever was one.

Shame on me for voting for her. Now I know better


If you are actually going to try to do something gathering information and developing a plan are essential. To do otherwise is to be doomed to failure. McMinnville is the county seat and the location of most service agencies, so it follows that the homeless will try to live in he vicinity of whatever services are available to them; thus the McMinnville homeless are indeed a countywide issue.


First was the "Ten Year Plan To End Homelessness " it ended on Saturday

Then the subcommittee on homelessness which is made up of the..... Service Providers 👀

No wonder there seems to be a clean them up by the City and a keep them around by the County.

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