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Kulla presents rural option for commissioner seat

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fir tree

Finally! Someone who is educated, has an open mind, listens to logic, and doesn't represent special interests. If you talk to Casey you soon realize that this guy is intelligent, caring, and listens to understand and find solutions to real issues. He has a firm grasp of the issues and cares intently about the actual challenges of the county. Stan Primoninck doesn't seem to have a grasp of anything except the pay raise he gave himself.


Stan Primoninck? Must be a 3rd party candidate.


We are most fortunate that Mr. Kulla is willing to serve, Yamhill County needs and deserves this quality of representation. I have contributed to his campaign and he has my vote.


I like what I'm hearing from Casey Kulla. He seems to be intelligent and willing to hear all sides, study the issue and come up with a plan that gets the most for all parties involved. You can't ask for much more than that.


If you ask me, the hard-working hipness of his trademark Tyrolean-style jackets paints him both dedicated and whimsical. If I was 25 years younger, that might earn my vote. Fortunately, Kulla seems more substantive than a mere Alpine garment could suggest so he may still have it.


He has our vote in my household.


He definitely has my vote.


Is this what the left leaning NR Editorial believes? Contrast with the Newberg Graphic editorial board has written in the 10/10 paper.


He seems like an earnest and genuine man with a strong desire to serve the county, but all of the left leaning posters here in the comments section heartily endorsing him gives me pause. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like treefarmer and mudstump and Trafik...but I rarely if ever agree with their left of center political views.
I know it's supposed to be a non partisan race but I have a feeling that Stan Primozich (sp?) will better represent our mostly center/right citizens here in good 'ol Yamhill County.


This is a news story, not an editorial. It is the same kind of profile piece we have done or are doing on all of the candidates, including Stan Primozich.
The News-Register's four-member editorial board endorsed Primozich and Josh Rojas in the primary. It has not yet endorsed in the general.
And just for the record, our endorsements to date include Republicans Ron Noble and Kim Thatcher. We also endorsed Mary Starrett in the primary, and I don't recall anyone ever accusing her of being left-leaning.
We settle for the person we think would do the best job, regardless of political affiliation.
Steve Bagwell, Editorial Page Editor


C’mon, Joel, left-leaning? Most would call me centrist or even right-tilting — although I will admit most of my posts here might be interpreted slightly left-of-center. I am a moderate Republican, but I proclaim that label less now than I did five years ago. While I do approve of some of the current U.S. administration’s efforts, I have not-insignificant problems with the guy who leads them.

That said, Stan Primozich is an honorable man. He is committed to the well-being of this county and I have no doubts about his motives or his commitment. As a matter of default, Primozich would have my vote.

But I am intrigued by Kulla’s earnest stances on matters important to local voters — particularly relating to our inexorable movement to a tourist economy. When I examine individual issues, I agree with Kulla’s position on nearly everything. Of course, a county commission’s mandate has less to do with hot-button divisive issues than workaday mundanities so the risk to local voters is somewhat less than that of a statewide or federal office. But I’d be disingenuous if I declared allegiance to Primozich due solely to his political bent.

Frankly, I haven’t decided how to vote in this race. On one hand, I know a vote for Primozich is a vote for a principled man who cares deeply about Yamhill County and its people. On the other hand, I don’t think I would feel guilty voting for Kulla, whose earnest and studied vision might prove an enormous benefit on the commission.


Traffic - Very well said...and I share your feeling about Kulla. He truly seems like a centrist. He could take a side and promise to vote according to a political ideology, but he hasn't done that.
He is the kind of candidate that I want. He isn't going to give Friends of Yamhill County anymore weight than he would give to big business groups, but he did say that he would listen to them.
What I took away from the article is that Kulla will hear all sides, weigh the pros and cons and then devise a workable solution that might and might not make everyone happy. I think he will look at the big picture and do what is best for the county.

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