Kulla announces run for governor

Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla announced Friday, June 18, that he plans to run for Governor in 2022.

Kulla said in a press release that “Our state needs a leader with the experience of a county commissioner, a farmer and a scientist.”

A relative political newcomer, Kulla was elected to the county board of commissioners in 2018 and is serving his first term in elected office. He and his wife have been farming in the county since 2006, growing organic produce, seeds and more recently, marijuana.

He said in his press release that his “experiences with political leadership, small business ownership and scientific research give him a unique outlook on Oregon and how it can best serve its residents.”

“Promoting health and safety, a courageous and effective government, and equity are my top priorities for my campaign and future governorship,” Kulla said.




Kulla has the right mix of values to be able to connect with Oregonians all over the state. He listens and responds to his constituents. He will be just the person we need to bring our state back to the citizenry.


By everything that's holy, please make it stop!


On the one hand, I think he'd make a great governor. But at the same time, I shudder to think what County leadership would be reduced to without him. If you want my family's vote for governor, Casey, you'd better have someone sane and electable lined up to take your place here!


He is possibly tired of running against the “Starret/Berschauer Wall”. What’s next? Probably Heidi Parker will join in? Then finally the 3 musketeers have reached their goal.


Kulla's integrity, respectfulness, and firm honesty is a breath of fresh air here in Yamhill County. He is absolutely the kind of person we need more of in politics. This is very exciting news.


After seeing his actions since being a commissioner, I won’t be voting for Kulla again


And I thought things couldn't get any worse with Gov Brown Stains. But after watching Commissioner Kulla here in our county, the derelict Oregon circus just main continue. What a shame.


Kulla for Governor -- only in Oregon!?!


I find it quite troubling to read snarky (and devoid of specifics) comments about Commissioner Kulla. For the record, this citizen believes he has done an excellent job for us under the most adverse of circumstances. He would make a great Governor, our state would be most fortunate to have him at the helm. Meanwhile, I continue to watch for recall petitions. Without Casey's voice of reason, it becomes more crucial than ever to prevent the extremists from free reign. We deserve better!


Casey Kulla is calm, thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent. He listens to everyone respectfully and patiently, then clearly explains his well thought out positions. He never engages in the nasty and snarky political rhetoric that has become all too commonplace. He would be a dynamite governor. I wish him much success.

NWOregon Love

Commissioner Kulla has proven to be a positive force for Yamhill County and would make a great Governor. I would be sad to loose him as a Commissioner though. He demonstrates tact, professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the issues and his position. He clearly communicates and synthesizes information and interacts with constituents whether they agree with his stance or not.


Here are some specifics:
[1] Kulla is at best a sophomore in the Oregon political class
[2] Kulla's political prowess has been a questionable detail and is lacking in his dealings with the Starretts of the Commission
[3] Kulla is a nice guy but lacks the credibility to oust whatever hack the Dems put forward to replace Brown

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