By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

Kristof ruled ineligible to run for governor

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This was a battle of small town 'gals' club of state politics and DNC nationwide politics. I am sure Tina Kotek feels that she has put in her time and is the rightful governor elect., elections be damned. Kristof brings nationwide DNC recognition with big fund raising and contacts, again, elections be damned. He even shares law firms, Perkins Coie, with a former disgraced first lady/senator who I will not mention.

Though, I think this has a buried headline. deep into the story you see this - "the court also declined to consider Kristof’s arguments that residency requirements violate the U.S. Constitution"

You read that right. the wannabe governor of Oregon thinks that residency requirements for elections is unconstitutional. For once, the Oregon supreme court did us a solid.

David S. Wall

It was almost two years ago [January 7, 2020] the venerable News Register chronicled the [February 9-10, 2020] itinerary of Mr. Kristof and his Honorable wife's vaulted 'Book Tour'.

The 'Book Tour' had all the bells and whistles associated with visiting potentates; scheduled appearances at; the McMinnville Community Center, The Public Library, Linfield's Library and a 'guest appearance' at Provoking Hope's Annual fundraiser.

Were there cost(s) to the McMinnville taxpayer's in assisting the 'Book Tour'?

Did McMinnville's municipal government promote the purchase of the author's books using taxpayer funded properties (McMinnville Community Center, The Public Library)?

Fast forward to [October 29, 2021]. Taken from the trusted News Register;

“I probably should have changed my registration,” said Kristof, who was a New York-registered voter through 2019. “I wasn’t focused on the paperwork, I was focused on voting to remove President Trump and support Joe Biden.”

There we have the crux of the residency argument; Oregon's three-year residency requirement, to be a valid candidate for Governor is established, if you live anywhere on the planet (or even somewhere in outer space) if you 'Vote' for Joe Biden.

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David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Post #2

Taken from [News-Register • February 19, 2022];

"Kristof ruled ineligible to run for governor

The prolonged Nick Kristof candidacy question has been settled, and the Yamhill Democrat will be kept off the ballot for governor."

"...Kristof said Thursday, “I just don’t know what I will do. I will take a little time with my wife, Sheryl, to relax, maybe at the coast, or taking a hike..."

"...take a hike." Mr. Kristof?

***It appears the Oregon Supreme Court, agreed in principle, you should take a 'hike' in response to your assertions you met the three-year residency requirement to be a valid candidate for Governor, State of Oregon by voting for Joe Biden.

***We owe Secretary of State Fagan a sincere 'Thank-you' for doing her job.

***And, when one considers the amount of money Kristof raised from out-of-state donors, we are indeed fortunate S.O.S Fagan pursued the lawful course of action.

***Mr. Kristof's campaign finances can be viewed here;

David S. Wall


I liked some of Mr. Kristoff's ideas and I believe he loves Oregon, but the fact that he failed to do sufficient homework on something as basic as his eligibility to run was not reassuring.


Mr. David S. Wall--I believe the book tour was "vaunted," not "vaulted."

David S. Wall

Lulu-You're right. My wife said the same thing but, I had already posted the comment.

'Thanks' Lulu!

David S. Wall