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Kristof endorses Berschauer recall

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Joel R

Wow, that's not very good judgement on his part. If you don't like the job she's doing, vote her out. I'm a conservative and opposed the recall effort against Gavin Newsome. It's wrong to do it for non-specific and ambiguous things like "embarrasses our county" and "spreads discord."
No bueno, Mr Kristof.


Unions and an alleged news writer. I'm not surprised.


Joel- that is exactly what a recall does...It allows voters to decide. Certainly you don’t want an individual that is incompetent to stay in the job for 4 years. In business, managers and officers of companies get terminated all the time for their inability to do the job. I think there are plenty of specific issues that make this course of action necessary. Not the least of which is how she treats county employees and staff.

Joel R

I see what you're saying, Tag. But it just seems to me like more and more often it is being used as a form of bullying an elected official and forcing stress on him or her as they try to defend against it. And it rarely succeeds. That's what my party did to Gavin Newsome. They knew it was an extremely long shot but their blind hatred of him made them do it anyway because they knew at the very least it would harass and embarrass him. That's just wrong. We don't need that kind of hate here in little 'ol Yamhill County.
The voters spoke and said they wanted Lindsey in office for four years. I just really believe that the voters decision ought not be tampered with unless their is some kind of dire emergency like she has committed a serious crime or developed a debilitating mental illness etc.


Joel- I don’t see a recall election as tampering with the will of the people—more like re asking the question after seeing her performance in office.
Sometimes office holders aren’t who the political ads say they are.
I personally see a lot of valid issues in Yamhill county being pushed aside while two of the commissioners spend time grandstanding for their small constituencies. We need serious, honest and professional people to run this county, and we can’t wait four years to make it happen. My two cents :)

Don Dix

tagup wrote -- Sometimes office holders aren’t who the political ads say they are.' Sometimes? Pretty much across the board, from this view.


I would generally agree with letting an elected politician serve out their term if the issue were indeed limited to policies. A recall should not be simply a tool to change the result on an election early.
However, it has become obvious from Ms. Berschauer’s behavior that the people who paid for her to be elected are after provocation, not just policy. She was brought here to introduce specifically the needlessly confrontational and rude style of politics with which someone else (who shall remain unnamed here) has infected the formerly conservative party in this country.
And that has only become clear to many voters through her actions after the election. They deserve a chance to revisit their decision.


Kristof will do anything to get his New Yorker's face in the news as he runs for governor.


Seems to me that Mr. Kristof’s support of the recall is in keeping with his ethics and I appreciate his stand. And to those who perceive the recall as “tampering,” I hope you will do some serious research and reconsider your position. If nothing else, take a deep dive into Berschauer’s “consulting” business. The issues are far more serious than “embarrassment and discord.” She is using her power to accommodate her donors, NOT the interests of Yamhill County citizens. Did those who voted for her realize her REAL agenda when they cast their ballots? I suspect not. Would any of us allow an alleged professional to continue representing us once a pattern of malfeasance was revealed?

We have the power to correct this dangerous and costly mistake. We deserve better. Please sign the petition.


I consider it similar to the 25th Amendment, which certainly would have been justified in the case of Donald Trump.

Joel R

Tree, I have to admit that I haven't really followed the specifics of what is motivating the recall. My thinking (and post) has been about the more general nature of a recall and how it can be used as a political weapon.
You mentioned some general and somewhat vague concerns that you have with Ms. Berschauer (such as "using her power to accommodate her donors"). Can you help me to better understand this particular recall by naming the specific and concrete acts of malfeasance that she has committed? Thanks.


Does Oregon need a Progressive Governor? Hasn’t Kate Brown done enough damage. Do we want our state governed by a liberal journalist in a time when media bias makes most of what we read false. Anything to get his name in print seems the reason he is supporting the recall.


Hello Joel R. Just checked back into this thread and found your inquiry - which I very much appreciate. I totally agree with you that some recalls are nothing more than political weapons - I want no part of that. (Generally a disgruntled minority eager to waste everyone’s tax dollars?) That said, I am convinced that the Berschauer recall is warranted and urgent, I welcome the opportunity to add some details to the reasons for my concerns.

I used the word malfeasance purposefully.
Dictionary definition = “the performance by a public official of an act that is legally harmful, or contrary to law. (especially an act in violation of a public trust).”

Here is a link to the recall webpage: which may be more generalized than what you are looking for. My own opinions were formed by the distain Berschauer showed for the laws surrounding firearms, for her apparent focus on pleasing her donors instead of serving the interests of county citizens, and not insignificantly for the repugnant way she treats her co-workers.

I have researched her donor list (available on the State website) which is heavily weighted with out-of-county and out-of-state people and interest groups. Legal contributions are not the issue here, rather the fact that, once elected, a public servant has the ethical obligation to represent ALL his/her constituents, not just the ones who made huge contributions. There is video available online of Berschauer’s disrespect and dictatorial behavior in meetings. (she may have won a chair but she seems to regard it as a throne.) In addition to these concerns, while not definitive, there is evidence that Berschauer’s strong-arming has cost Yamhill County taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars with more to come as we pay to defend the lawsuit brought by the State re her malfeasance with regard to her irresponsible gun “ordinance.”



It has also been very informative to stand alongside the signature gatherers and listen to the folks who line up to sign the petition. I have heard many perspectives that mirror my own concerns as well as some that hadn’t occurred to me. Thanks again for your inquiry.


Hello oldee: not sure I understand your opinions about media bias, but I strongly disagree with the idea that Mr. Kristof would support this recall to “get his name in print.” He is already a well-known and highly respected prize-winning journalist. It would have been much safer (and perhaps politically wiser) if he hadn’t weighed in. I regard his support of the recall as a reflection of his ethics and a profile in courage.


Rot--I guess it's safe to assume you haven't graced New York with your (alleged) presence.

Joel R

Thanks for the response, Tree. I'll check out the web site. I'm especially interested in seeing the video. I'm trying to keep an open mind.
I really appreciate you and Tag and enjoy our (mostly) positive interactions from the opposite sides of the political spectrum.

David S. Wall

Is Candidate Kristof really practicing 'political booty-smooching' with the "Recall folks?" Maybe, doesn't appear so.

To negate the 'political naysayers' and 'the rock-throwers from the gutter' from gaining any credibility, is Kristof going to donate to this worthy, honorable and over-due Recall?

To run a successful 'Recall election' several actions must occur simultaneously to achieve statistical success.

A series of mailers must be; designed (four colors), formatted, direct to the point, always truthful and mailed to all registered voters depicting the multitude of previous and ongoing alleged horrors of the Yamhill County Commissioner to be Recalled.

'Full-page' Newspaper ads in color must follow the aforementioned formula and repeatedly appear in; 'The News Register,' 'The Sheridan Bulletin Board,' and the 'Newberg Graphic.'

Road and yard signage. Same formula.

A celebrative holiday theme might be employed to reflect a particular holiday celebration but, the messaging must be direct to the point. Here is an example; 'Halloween is near...Recall the -itch!'

Candidate Kristof, here is a group of dedicated Yamhill County voters to influence your inherently generous charitable donation to the cause you heartily endorse;

Check out:

Candidate Kristof, good luck with your gubernatorial pursuit.

'Robo-calls' should not be used, they only irritate and piss-off voters.

By the way...why hasn't fellow gubernatorial candidate Kulla been pressed for his opinion on the Recall, considering with all the behind the scenes 'back-stabbing' going on?

David S. Wall


Hey Joel R

Back atcha! I too enjoy and appreciate a civil respectful exchange of ideas and opinions. I am deeply concerned about the direction our politics has taken in recent years, the toxicity has the potential to destroy our democratic republic. Seems to me that we all stand to gain from open minds and respect for our fellow Americans. Colin Powell made reference to our citizens as family and I keep hoping we can return to that ideal.

Whatever you decided about the recall, I trust it was/will be an informed decision. Stay safe and well, my fellow citizen.