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King still leads Berschauer, but run-off possible

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[Updated 5/22/24 9 p.m.]

Newberg dairy farmer David “Bubba” King had a 1,297-vote lead over County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer in ballot returns counted through Wednesday. That lead, however, had been reduced in the latest count and was just barely above the percent-of-vote level needed to win the position outright in the primary election.

After a third run of returns updated about 5 p.m. Wednesday:

With 23,066 votes counted, King had 50.23% of the vote to Berschauer's 44.61%, 11,587 to 10,290. David Wall trailed in third with 1,162, or 5.04%.

A candidate for commissioner can win outright in the primary if he or she earns more than 50% of the votes properly cast; otherwise the top two vote-getters will head to a run-off in the November general election.

Calculations of the 50% level only include votes cast appropriately for one candidate, either on the ballot or as a write-in. Undervotes (no candidate chosen) and overvotes (multiple candidates marked) do not count in those calculations. The commissioner race, in latest results, had drawn 882 undervotes, 30 overvotes and 27 write-in votes.

The county’s ballot-return report, filed at 5:24 p.m. Wednesday, showed 28,569 ballots received – 37.65 percent of the county’s 75,877 “eligible voters" -- and 27,828 ballots accepted. Problems with names or signature can cause rejection of ballots, but voters have until June 11 to "cure" their ballots.

Combined reports from Yamhill County suggested that about 4,000 votes remained uncounted in the latest ballot reports, including mailed ballots postmarked on or before election day but not yet delivered to the county.

“It's really amazing,” King told the News-Register. “No matter if we dip down below 50% in the next day or two and have to go to a run in November, I feel very honored, and it feels amazing to be in the position I'm in right now.”


Levies in general were doing well in the election.

In Willamina, the school district bond for expanding classrooms was passing 63.31% to 36.69%.

The West Valley Fire District tax levy to cover escalating operations costs was passing 62.5 to 37.5%.

The Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue levy to add staff and purchase equipment and vehicles was passing 60.51% to 39.49%.

The Yamhill Fire District levy to upgrade gear and equipment was passing 68.84% to 31.16%.

However a measure referred by the Dundee Rural Fire District to increase staffing levels was failing at 54.16% no votes to 45.84% in favor.



BEST. NEWS. EVER! Our citizens did their research and voted for ethical representative county government. GRATEFUL!!


Can someone remind me about the rules for winning the county commissioner race outright in the primary? Is it possible for a candidate to secure enough votes so that there wouldn't be another commissioner contest in November?

Ossie Bladine

CubFan, added to the story. If one candidate gets over 50% in the primary, they win outright. Otherwise the top 2 head to a run-off in November.


I wonder if Lindsay will have enough class to call Bubba and congratulate him?


Is anyone willing to bet Lindsay already has her attorneys Winter, and Smith looking into how to challenge the results. Right now I wonder what sort of retaliation she has planned. We need to put Bubba in place before she tries any crap!


Ossie, the article this morning says he needs “1% above the 50% level.” That’s way different than “over 50%” or “50%+1,” as so many are stating online. Which is it???


Actually Paragraphs #1 and #4 contradict each other!

Ossie Bladine

MSM, Don't think those graphs were contradictory, but made a slight edit that help make it clear.

The article said he was under 1% over the 50% threshold, but that he needs to remain above that 50% threshold to win out right. Took out '50%' in the 1st graph, if that makes it clearer.


LB is high-fiving DSW


Thanks, Ossie. I see what you are saying, but didn’t understand it like that at all when I read it! It’s more clear now.


I pray that Bubba gets the required amount to eliminate a runoff. If for no reason other than to remove her god-awful signs that are blighting our beautiful county.


Hopefully this is the first step towards the county regaining some sanity on the commission. Although I suspect LB will try for MS's seat when it comes up.


I doubt she’ll run again. If she does, she’ll lose again.


Holding my breath for 50%+!

And I can happily report that at least two of those huge ugly signs in my “neighborhood” were removed by yesterday afternoon. (The landfill is the appropriate location for them.) I suspect that at least some of her supporters have been re-evaluating her scandalous behavior and not wanting to be associated with her unsavory business practices. The idea that she would run again is a very unpleasant one. However, with any luck, voter rejection along with her legal troubles, will keep her otherwise occupied and unfunded.


Please baby infant Jesus, let Bubba stay above 50% so we do not have to be exposed to the constant sight of Ms. Photoshop in the coming months. #makeyamhillcountyprettyagain


But just think: we could "repurpose" the material from her thousands of signs and build a huge compound for the homeless.
Or start the largest bonfire in Yamhill County.


#makeyamhillcountyprettyagain ……. YES!! And I stand corrected – repurposing is a better idea. (So long as the airbrushed arrogance was painted over first, or the bonfire was widely advertised as a “bring your own wine and marshmallows” celebration.

50%+ is still holding, and regardless of the margin I wonder if we are in for a “stop the steal” debacle? (There are bushels of sour grapes being spewed in LindsayLand.) I shall keep the faith.


Go Bubba, GO!!!

Local Yokel

Some pretty petty, I mean tolerant Bubba voters in here. Good to see who he represents.


Local yokel, I will just come out and admit it. I am completely petty and intolerant of seeing political signs every 20 ft. Whew, it feels good to get that off my chest. I am sorry we aren’t all as tolerant and non petty as your favored candidate.


Well now “Local Yokel” – while I do not speak for Bubba, (my opinions are my own) you are correct in that I am a person he represents. A grateful person. And if these comments strike you as “petty,” you must not be aware of the genuinely vicious slime on social media that, by your logic, defines HER supporters? Just so - please feel free to judge.

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