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Kids on the Block faces funding challenges

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Not sure where Ms. Muir got her erroneous information, but McMinnville had six elementary schools long before KOB started. As a first-grader, in 1963, I remember Adams, Columbus, Cook, Memorial, Newby and St. James.


To clarify just a bit...Parks & Recreation originally offered the afterschool program at 3 of the elementary schools. With community support, the program was soon able to grow and serve children at the other elementary schools as well. Since its inception nearly 30 years ago, KOB has served many thousands of local children thanks to continued community support and collaboative partnerships.


My apologies to Ms. Muir. The writer mischaracterized the situation with the statement, "it began when the city had only three elementary schools".


Sponge: St James is not a public elementary school.


Everybody knows "St. James is not a public elementary school." I didn't read where anybody suggested otherwise. By pointing this out, Oregon1, are you suggesting that kids from St. James are not allowed to participate in KOB activities? If that's not what you intended, what is your point?

Reporter Starla Pointer

Thanks, readers, for pointing out the mistake about the number of elementary schools in the McMinnville School District. Thirty years ago, there were six, as there are today -- Adams, which has been replaced by Grandhaven; Columbus, which is in a new building and location; Cook, which has been replaced by Sue Buel; Memorial, Newby and Wascher, which is in Lafayette. KOB now serves all six. McMinnville also has several private elementary programs, including St. James.


Sponge: KOB only serves the public elementary schools. The private schools were never mentioned in the article and therefore I have no idea why you brought up St. James. It's not relevant to this article.


Oregon1: Don't worry about it. Starla got it. Thanks, Starla.

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