By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Jubb gets probation in sex abuse case

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Joel R

Well at least the DA's office is cosistent...whether you rape an elderly woman or sexually asssault a college student, the result is basically the same...probation and community service. I wonder what kind of deal Mr Woolf is going to get? Does murder matter anymore to our DA's office or do they plea bargin those out for probation too? Scary time to be living in Yamhill County.

Joel R

Does anyone know if Mr Chubb is still a Linfield trustee?
Man, this world we live in seems so dark and so turned upside down. I need to stop reading/ watching the news. Not good for my blood pressure. Or my soul.


Joel R Jubb is no longer a member of the Linfield Board of Trustees. He resigned in June 2019


Will Jubb now be a registered sex offender and if not, why?


Power and $$$ always get off.


The matter was bungled from the outset. Jubb should have been relieved of his trustee position immediately, along with Baca for supporting a depraved man's continued tenure. This entire script reminds me of a child in agony because the time of reckoning approaches but still he prays for some divine intervention at the eleventh hour. Remember the term "stonewalling"; a technique in the arsenal of a past president and all his grotesque toadies. It didn't work then; it doesn't now; it never will. Transparency is no more than a word that starts with "t" to throw in the air, an empty pledge never fulfilled.


Lulu: For Linfield "transparency" is something used with an overhead projector.

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