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Iron workers protest at school district

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Unions don't like competition. While competition is good for everyone the union disagrees. It is not good for them.


My brother is a supervisor at an aircraft maintenance facility. He inherited an employee who is totally incapable of doing the job, but, because of their union, can't do anything about it. This worker has triple protection: she's a woman; she's over 60; and she's a person of color. She is unskilled, and makes $35 an hour. Before the unions cry too loudly about "human exploitation and abuse," maybe they should clean their own houses.

Don Dix

This is pretty typical -- A non-union company embarrasses its union counterpart when bids are presented -- union supporters cry foul and look for any way to disparage the winner -- and some number of 'other union members' fall directly in line and wish to be seen as the caring, concerned bystander, appearing to do the right thing (photo op)? Hint: When one bid is so much out of line (47% and 78% higher) with the others, only a fool would even consider awarding the contract to the high. It's why bids are accepted on large projects!

One student out of 2200? What are the odds that either one or both parents are also members of a union? Pretty good, wouldn't you say?

By the way, isn't Mr. Rojas employed by Yamhill County? And belongs to AFSME (union)? Are we (county taxpayers) paying Rojas for his activities and appearance in this issue, or did he take unpaid leave to attend?

Public money is precious and should be treated as such. This particular issue allows the voters to see where Mr. Rojas' priorities reside, and it doesn't appear to be in the best interests of the public, or their money. A commission seat might not be a good fit for an such an obviously biased attitude.

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